New alternator from Delco Remy

Remy International, Inc. has launched the Delco Remy 38SI, its latest high-output alternator.

With this high-efficiency, mid-range amperage alternator, Remy says it offers customers a comprehensive portfolio of high output products. Some of the features of the new product include:

  • Remote Sense that can reduce battery charge time by 50 percent
  • Unique stator design with best-in-class high efficiency, providing less engine horsepower requirements and substantial fuel savings
  • Premium brushless design that transfers magnetic fields between the field and rotor air-gap, completely eliminating the need for brushes and, thereby, extending the life cycle
  • OE inspection and approval, assuring OE quality and performance for aftermarket replacements

The 38SI also has the highest efficiency rating in its class. The company says high efficiency translates to less engine horsepower requirements, resulting in substantial fuel savings.

“At 215 amps, the 38SI gives our customers an alternator at the amperage they need,” says Daniel Boros, director of heavy-duty Truck, Bus and Export.  “Plus, with the same durable design as the 36SI and 40SI, it has everything they want.”


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Delco Remy says the 38SI is ideal for school buses, line-haul commercial trucks with anti-idling equipment, emergency vehicles, refuse trucks, utility vehicles, shuttle buses and recreational vehicles.

“Our high output alternator portfolio, including the 36SI, 38SI and 40SI, provides an option for every type of truck application,” Boros says.

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