New dual-fuel system released

LP Energy Systems has announced the introduction of the dual-fuel system for diesel and gasoline engines that significantly improves fuel economy while reducing engine emissions, the company says.

Easily installed on all mobile and stationary engines, the system injects propane vapor into the fuel mixture to facilitate improved combustion efficiency. LP says this results in up to a 20 percent increase in fuel efficiency, and significant reductions in harmful emissions.

“In a typical fleet application the system can result in fuel savings of several thousand dollars per year in fuel costs and as a result the fleet can achieve an ROI on the system is as little as 6 months,” says William Farrell, president at LP Energy Systems. “In addition the idle circuit designed into the system provides a quieter idle and lower emissions at idle or while running a PTO.”

Installation of the LP system requires no permanent modifications to the vehicle or engine.  No connection to the engine computer is required, the company says.

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