New leak detection kit

Tracer ProductsTracer Products has introduced a leak detection kit that pinpoints wind and water leaks around windshields, rear hatches, sliding doors, moon and sunroofs, trunks or anywhere else that leaks can occur.

The Tracerline TP- 8648 LeakFinder Wind & Water Kit includes an easy-to-use spray gun for applying fluorescent dye over a vehicle’s exterior, the Optimax Jr., a cordless, high-intensity 75-watt blue light LED flashlight, an 8 oz. bottle of super-concentrated Dye-Lite fluorescent water dye and fluorescence-enhancing glasses, the company says.

Operating the spray gun is simple, Tracer Products says. Fill the bottle with the dye. Attach the gun to the water line and start the water flow. Spray the water/dye solution over the outside of the vehicle, focusing on the area where a leak is suspected. Then inspect the interior of the vehicle with the lamp. Wherever there is a leak, Tracer Products says the dye will stand out clearly with a bright green glow.

After the leak has been repaired, turn off the dye flow and use the spray gun to wash away any residual dye from the exterior of the vehicle. The dye does not stain upholstery or any interior materials and will not affect the paint finish. The spray gun also can be used as a pressure washer and for flushing cooling systems, the company says.

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