New LED lamp from Optronics

Jason Cannon

March 21, 2013

Optronics International is displaying its new Uni-Lite LED clearance/marker lamps for the first time at the Mid-American Truck Show in Louisville, Ky. this week.

The small, three-quarter inch lamps employ Optronics’ new GloLight optics, making them appear deceptively bright for their size.

“The GloLight optical technology is so different, it’s patentable,” says Marcus Hester, director of sales and marketing for Optronics. “The new version of our Uni-Lite represents just one of 35 new GloLight products Optronics has in its pipeline.”

The new Uni-Lite clearance/marker lamps come in red and amber. The red Uni-Lite lamps are designed with dual-function capabilities for applications such as high-mount stop and turn.

The lamps are available in P2- and PC-rated versions, enabling them to meet the photometric requirements for a full range of applications.

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