New seamless fender paddle bracket

Jason Cannon

October 8, 2013

gI_96460_PaddleBracketsMinimizer announced this week a new seamless paddle bracket for its fender sets.

Phil LaViolette, Minimizer’s Composite Engineer in their Research and Development division, says the advantages to this improved bracket extend beyond style.

“These new paddle brackets make fender installation easier, reduce suspension bulk and, of course, offer an enhanced, smoother look,” he says of the product and process which took more than a year to develop. “To date, I don’t know of any other plastic fender bracket systems without visible bolts.”

PaddleBrackets3LaViolette says the paddle bracket systems were designed to absorb impact and work in tandem with Minimizer fenders and soften road vibration. They are constructed from 100 percent composite material so they are flexible, never need paint and won’t stress crack.

Product launch is slated for the beginning of November.

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