New solar product from Purkeys

Purkeys introduces the Solar Dash 03 system, expanding its solar product line-up.

The Solar Dash is a supplemental solar charging system that combats parasitic loads on reefer batteries.

While the Solar Dash 01 supplements truck battery charge, the 03 is meant primarily for trailer reefer batteries, Purkeys says. However, other special applications, such as dump trailer batteries, can also utilize this product. It comes with a patent-pending controller and a 20 W solar panel that is installed on top of the reefer unit or on the roof of the trailer, the company says.

The panel is durable enough to function in any weather condition, as long as it is kept clean. Purkeys also says the panel provides enough power to the reefer batteries to counteract parasitic draw, ensuring the batteries are functioning, even after extended periods of disuse.

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