Oil-based leak detection product

TP-3400-0001 Dye-Lite All-In-OneTracerline introduces its Dye-Lite All-in-One full-spectrum fluorescent dye.

According to Tracerline, the dye pinpoints leaks in all oil and oil-based fluid systems, including engine oil (includes synthetics), fuel, automatic transmission fluid, power steering and hydraulic fluid (petroleum-based).

All-In-One dye ensures optimum leak detection because it actually contains two distinct fluorescent dyes, the company says. All-In-One dye fluoresces best under ultraviolet light and the other under blue light. So whatever type of inspection lamp is used, Tracerline says the dye is sure to produce a brilliant glow.

All-In-One dye is highly concentrated. To use it, just add the dye and allow it to circulate through the vehicle’s fluid system. The dye escapes with the host fluid through even the tiniest leak, the company says. When the system is scanned with a high-intensity UV or blue light inspection lamp, the dye fluoresces a bright yellow-green, exposing the exact location of every leak.

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