Partnership key in development of heavy-duty jump starter

Purkeys says its recently introduced Capacitor Actuated Portable Starter (CAPS), a heavy-duty jump starter, was developed through a great partnership with Maxwell Technologies.

“Working hand in hand with Maxwell throughout the development and launch of our CAPS product has been great experience,” says Travis Atkinson, director of sales at Purkeys. “Customer acceptance of this product has been incredible; while our research and development continues with other innovative products that also incorporate Maxwell products. Having a partner like Maxwell continuously ask how can we help and even suggest new ideas is very refreshing.”


Portable heavy-duty jump starter

Portable heavy-duty jump starter

Purkeys introduces CAPS, a new portable jump start machine for heavy-duty vehicles. Purkeys says the Capacitor Actuated Portable Starter (CAPS) is truly portable and can be ...

‘“Maxwell Technologies, Inc. is proud to partner with Purkeys in the development of the innovative CAPS,” adds Jeff Brakley, senior business portfolio manager at Maxwell Technologies. “Maxwell worked with the Purkeys team to test and validate the CAPS at our Technical Center in San Diego, CA. The CAPS worked flawlessly and met all of our test and validation requirements for the commercial vehicle industry. As an industry innovator, Purkeys has once again developed a product to address the real needs of the trucking community.”

The portable, powerful jump starter uses an ultracapacitor to provide power, rather than heavy batteries, gas-powered engines, or generators.

The ultracapacitor is the heart of the CAPS system, but the control module is the brain. Everything that happens in the CAPS system is regulated through the control module. This smart controller is a large factor in what makes CAPS very safe and easy to use, the companies say.

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