Prestone Command releases white paper on coolant maintenance

Prestone has released a white paper titled “Critical Warm Weather Maintenance For Engine Coolant In Heavy Duty Vehicles.”

According to Prestone, extreme seasonal heat presents a challenge to heavy-duty engines and those responsible for their maintenance. Prestone says its white paper places special emphasis on testing essentials for coolant concentrations (mixture of glycol, water and inhibitors) and the important part they play in warm weather engine management.

“By providing an easy way to test an engine cooling system, essential preventative maintenance can be convenient and highly accurate,” says Colin Dilley, Ph.D., vice president of technology at Prestone. “Extreme heat puts extreme stress on a heavy duty truck and its engine. The primary source of protection from heat is an engine’s antifreeze/coolant.”

Prestone says the white paper also examines warm weather effects on the modern heavy-duty engine and the challenges fleet managers must face in maintaining an effective engine coolant system that protects against boil over and damage to expensive metal and polymer engine components.


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“Regularly scheduled maintenance throughout the lifetime of a heavy duty vehicle can keep it running for a very long time. Maintenance is the key to optimal engine cooling system operation, and fleet owners must monitor their AF/C to ensure the concentrate remains at a safe ratio and the inhibitor levels are in the appropriate range,” says Dilley. “The new Prestone Command test strips and kits offer the ability to test a wide range of important variables from basic glycol concentration to the level of inhibitors for corrosion protection.”

A copy of the white paper can be downloaded HERE.

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