Purkeys debuts improved comparison tool

Purkeys has recently updated its online Comparison Tool to consider solar power options that may be in use on the truck and/or trailer.’

Purkeys says the Comparison Tool helps to determine how much energy is used by the liftgate batteries during a single day of operation. Once energy consumption is calculated, the Comparison Tool determines which Purkeys products will sufficiently charge the liftgate batteries to ensure that the batteries remain at a high state of charge.

By adding the solar panel option to the Comparison Tool, Purkeys says it addresses the growing viability of solar charging products in the heavy-duty trucking industry. The online Comparison Tool is now even better suited for giving users everything they need to make an informed decision regarding their vehicle’s electrical system.

Customers that use solar charging products can now utilize the Comparison Tool to determine how much energy their liftgates use during a day of work, and what products would best suit their needs, the company says.

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