Rislone creates sludge treatment product

Jason Cannon

May 1, 2013

RisloneRislone has introduced its Engine Treatment Concentrate, designed to clean harmful deposits and sludge out of an engine.

Rislone says its product cleans and lubricates valves, reduces friction and wear, quiets lifters and valves and prevents and removes sludge buildup. Regular use of Rislone Engine Treatment Concentrate, as part of oil and filter changes at the proper intervals, will keep deposits to a minimum, the company says.

“For more than 90 years, vehicle owners have relied on the original Rislone Engine Treatment to keep their engines clean and running smoothly,” says Clay Parks, Rislone vice president of development. “Our new concentrated formula has all the lubricating and protective capabilities of modern motor oils, plus additional properties that enable it to do a superior job of maintaining long-term cleanliness and deposit control.”

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