SKF introduces two-piece wheel nut by MacLean-Fogg/Metform

Denise Rondini

April 13, 2011

SKF has teamed with MacLean-Fogg/Metform, the US manufacturer of the original Securex two-piece wheel nut, to be the sole aftermarket supplier of the SKF Securex two-piece nut solution for hub piloted wheels.

Manufactured to precise tolerances and meeting the requirements of J1965, the SKF Securex nut is designed to provide increased clamp force through more torque while maintaining optimized torque/tension, reducing total operating costs with extended life and improving fuel economy, according to the company. Its premium materials, including a PTFE coating that protects against corrosion and friction, also is said to help protect against unplanned downtime and premature failures.

“As a knowledge engineering company, SKF strongly values its partnerships with other leading OE aftermarket manufacturers, and we are eager to work with MacLean-Fogg in this product area,” says Leslie Kern, SKF heavy-duty product development manager. “The SKF Securex nut is an excellent addition to our product portfolio. We look forward to incorporating the SKF Securexin our technical-based training literature to educate customers about this safety critical component.”

The Securex M22 X 1.5 two-piece wheel nut (part number MV39702) fits most tractors and trailers with hub piloted wheels. All SKF Securex wheel nuts feature the name stamped directly on the nut for easy identification.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with SKF and look forward to combining MacLean-Fogg’s OE quality two-piece wheel nuts — still preferred by OEMs — with the extensive distribution network that SKF has to offer in North America,” says Jay Pawlak, sales director commercial vehicles of MacLean-Fogg/Metform.

The SKF Securex wheel nuts come in a 10-piece box (part number MV39702), or in a 300-piece bucket (part number MV39702B).

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