Software updated for OTC diagnostic tools

Truck Parts and Service Staff

February 14, 2018

OTC has announced the latest diagnostic software update for the Encore and Evolve professional diagnostic tools, available now.

OTC states the new update, Bravo 3.0, features the ability to scan multiple selected controllers at once for increased productivity as well as the option to access saved diagnostic data, organized by date and vehicle.

Other updates are said to include:

  • Simplified home screen for fast, easy access to the most used functions
  • Quicker vehicle selection with a new single dialog box
  • Updated vehicle diagnostics screen layout with more information and assets
  • Revised Scan for DTCs option, allowing multiple controller selection
  • Data Stream and Special Tests memory, allowing faster switching of controllers when viewing live data or running tests
  • New Saved Diagnostic Data screen combines the previous View Saved Tests and View Data Stream Recordings into one
  • Improved Code-Assist library navigation with breadcrumbs to retain a trail of your searches

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