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Velocity is the newest business management system from Karmak, designed for your growing repair shop with features for parts management, service, accounting and reporting.

The system is said to increase your revenue by tracking parts, margins, costs and technician activity through a simple, easy-to-use platform. It also provides your business with a simple hosting solution. The system is managed on Karmak’s server, which offers you savings and flexibility.

Karmak says Velocity also provides online troubleshooting services, training opportunities and customized resources to help manage your business.



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Meritor, Inc. has released a new brochure detailing its new lineup of remanufactured brake shoes with PlatinumShield coating, which the company says provides industry-leading protection against corrosion and rust jacking.

The PlatinumShield coating resists micro-abrasions caused by the movement of the brake lining against the shoe table during normal use.

Meritor is offering the reman shoes with the new technology at no additional cost over its previous reman product and it includes a threefold increase in warranty protection against rust jacking, three years or 300,000 miles.

Meritor, Inc.


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L&S Safety Solutions’ latest brochure offers the tire pressure monitoring system, PressurePro.

The system monitors and displays tire pressures and tire locations whether moving or stationary. It provides early notice of potential problems and helps maintain proper pressurization in tires. The cab monitor receives tire pressures from sensors that replace valve-stem caps.

PressurePro simplifies the tire maintenance process resulting in an overall reduction of operating costs, and more effective tire pressure maintenance. PressurePro can monitor up to 64 tires.

L&S Safety Solutions LLC


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Euclid Clutches Brochure

The Euclid line of all-makes, high-quality clutches live up to the Euclid name – a name that’s been trusted in the commercial vehicle industry for over 70 years.

Euclid manual-adjust clutches deliver more comfortable operation for the driver and a better bottom line for fleets. The portfolio includes a range of choices to accommodate a spectrum of applications, including heavy-duty and medium-duty vehicles, off-highway, construction and off-road. Clutch sizes include 15.5” with easy or standard pedal effort, as well as 14” with easy or standard pedal effort.

Meritor, Inc.


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This com­prehensive catalog is a convenient guide to the entire Bower product range and is said to cover all possible bearing needs of the heavy-duty trucking industry.

It’s divided in two main sections:

Tapered Roller Bearings—for wheel (truck and trailer), transmission, differential and engine applications, and

Cylindrical Roller Bearings—both ISO and US industry series for use in transmission and differential applications.



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Heavy-Duty Wheel Alignment Catalog

Bee Line has introduced a catalog highlighting its heavy-duty wheel alignment equipment.

This full-color brochure features the company’s LC7000 series laser guided computer alignment gauging system, the 22000 Rear Axle Aligner and the Smart Balancer II.

Also highlighted are the company’s on-the-floor alignment configurations and its mobile alignment system, as well as various alignment accessories.

Action photos show how each product is used and detailed information accompanies each photo.

Bee Line


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