Steps to repairing a rubber air line

“In an emergency situation, when a rubber air line between the tractor/trailer is severed, if the damage is close enough to the fittings on either end, and there is still enough working length in the line available, it is possible to repair the air line with a few simple items and get back on the road in no time,” says Phillips Industries in this month’s issue of Qwik Tech Tips.


Phillips enters lighting market with new partnership

The new partnership will offer Innotec’s Boardfree LED lights packaged with Phillips’ Sta-Dry trailer harnesses.

Available HERE, this month’s issue notes “there are two popular methods to make repairs to severed rubber air lines. One is the conventional method using a rubber air replacement brass fitting. The second method is using a rubber air repair kit. These kits are well-liked because they usually come with just about everything you need to make a repair in one convenient package.”

For more on rubber air line repair, check out the issue. You also can find past issues of Qwik Tech Tips at Phillips’ archive page here.

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