The top aftermarket products of 2017: No. 3

Lucas Deal

December 27, 2017

Snap-on ToolsSnap-on earns the third spot on our 2017 countdown of the most popular new products introduced on this website this year.

The Wis.-based tool company checks in with its March introduction of the EECT900 Multi-Probe Ultra, featuring both a circuit tester and digital multimeter in one convenient handheld device.

Snap-on says the EECT900 allows technicians to test AC and DC voltage, resistance and amperage. It features single-function buttons speed scrolling up and down, muting, turning the light on and off and powering a circuit. An AC meter displays peak-to-peak, pulse width, duty cycle, frequency and TRMS simultaneously to keep techs in the know about the job at hand, the company says.


The top aftermarket products of 2017: No. 4

The top aftermarket products of 2017: No. 4

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The Multi-Probe Ultra comes with a 23-ft. cable to connect to a vehicle battery, which Snap-on says makes it easy to check distant circuits such as brake lights and trailer terminal connections.

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Please check back tomorrow when we release the No. 2 product on our annual countdown.

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