Timken adopting standardized part numbers

Jason Cannon

January 31, 2013

The Timken Co. announced plans Thursday to simplify the process of finding and ordering driveline center support bearings by aligning its parts nomenclature with familiar industry part numbers.

“This change makes it faster and easier for our customers to find the right Timken driveline center support bearings, also called hanger bearings, for major truck applications,” Dan Humphrey, manager of Timken commercial vehicle aftermarket sales in the United States and Canada, says. “For customer convenience during this transition, our systems and packaging feature both the original and updated part numbers.”

Timken driveline center support bearings have brackets made of reinforced heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel with a rubber cushion inside each bracket providing support to absorb and isolate vibrations, the company says.

Timken bearing inserts are pre-greased and pre-sealed and have an additional grease barrier between bearing retainer caps and the sealed bearing to extend life.

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