Tips for composite filling installations

Truck Parts and Service Staff

September 26, 2017

Phillips Industries has published this month’s Qwik Tech Tips, which provides guidance for composite filling installations.

“While traditional brass fittings are no less effective at getting the job done, there are definite benefits to using composite fittings instead,” the company writes. “In a study done by a major manufacturer, the estimated labor savings, which took into consideration time and cost, was up to 42 percent. And in that same study it was also concluded that it took about 80 percent less time to install tubing to a composite fitting, than it did to a brass fitting. Just in that alone there are clear benefits to using a composite fitting over brass.

“However, a fitting must be properly installed to do its job right. The following are tips to remember when installing composite fittings.”

From here, Phillips Industries provides a list of always and never tips, as well as tips for selecting the right size pipe thread diameter and nylon tube size.

To read the entire issue, please CLICK HERE.

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