HDAW Preview: Providing the optimal customer service experience

January 8, 2018

Acing a customer service survey can be a big win for businesses today. Customer surveys provide businesses a window into a customer’s mind, and their interpretation of how a business manages key points in a transaction. But useful as some surveys can be, Colin Gold of Gold Hospitality says businesses should never become too enamored or focused on their results. Comprehensive customer service is about more ...

HDAW Preview: Linkner’s keynote to illuminate Option X

January 3, 2018

Josh Linkner says running a business is an endless series of choices. Whether it be hiring a new employee, implementing a new internal program or changing the way a business goes to market, life as ...

Three key steps for winter oil analysis

Engine oil drains should be extended gradually, driven by the results of oil samples taken at regular intervals. Brian Humphrey, OEM technical liaison for Petro-Canada Lubricants, says this ensures that a trend can be identified, which is used to improve the performance and efficiency of the equipment. “Oil analysis programs typically involve three basic steps,” he says. “The last stage, interpreting oil analysis results, is when ...