Torque Parts debuts extended unlimited warranty

torque tr9781Torque Parts LLC, introduces what it claims to be the industry’s first three-year unlimited mile warranty on its heavy-duty air springs in the aftermarket.

Where most aftermarket replacement air springs come with one-year warranty, Torque says it has offered the first three-year hassle-free warranty. Thanks to the thicker rubber, higher quality workmanship and extensive testing, Torque Parts says air springs constantly exceed four million cycles, and enable the company to offer a longer warranty to their customers for a peace of mind.

In addition to the extended life cycle, the company says every Torque air spring is also leak tested before leaving the factory, giving the company one of the highest testing ratio in the aftermarket. Torque Parts says the three-year warranty starts from the date of manufacture, which is permanently molded on the rubber along with proudly displayed three-year warranty logo.

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