Trailer diagnostic tools from Noregon

Noregon Systems introduces the Noregon Trailer Diagnostic Adapter.

The new adapter provides technicians with a single source solution for the diagnosis of trailer ABS issues, the company says.


Noregon debuts total diagnostics solution

Noregon debuts total diagnostics solution

Noregon Systems has introduced its total vehicle diagnostics and repair solution, which includes two new products: Noregon First Step Service Advisor and the JPRO Command ...

“Our new Trailer Diagnostic Adapter is in response to industry needs for a single adapter that can connect OEM, ABS or JPRO software to trailers,” says Greg Reimmuth, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Noregon.  “Facilities with dedicated trailer maintenance can use our new adapter to plug into a trailer and quickly and accurately diagnose trailer ABS issues.”

Noregon says its Trailer Diagnostic Adapter works with all trailer ABS software applications (Bendix ACOM – Trailer, Meritor WABCO TOOLBOX, Haldex ABS and Wabash ABS for PLC) and will also work with JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics – Heavy Duty (2014 v1.1).

To make trailer diagnostics even more convenient, Noregon also is introducing a new J560 Power Supply Cable. For those times when trailers need serving in the yard (away from the shop), Noregon says the J560 Power Cable allows connection directly to the trailer using a battery/secondary power source to energize the trailer’s multi-pole connector.

The new Noregon Trailer Diagnostic Adapter comes with a three-year limited warranty, the company says, and there are two new adapter kits and two new diagnostic kits featuring the new adapter.

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