TRC offers tips for manual transmission installation

TRC has produced a quick check list for service professionals when installing manual transmissions.

TRC has been remanufacturing all makes and models of transmissions for over 30 years. The company says correct installation and inspection is vital to your remanufactured transmission’s longevity.

When installing a new manual transmission, TRC says first and foremost:

  • The speedometer gear needs to be removed from the old and installed in new
  • Check the yoke for a wear sleeve, if present remove
  • Check the yoke for excessive seal wear on the seal surface, if worn replace

Additionally, the company says techs should:

  • Using synthetic fluid is always recommended
  • Torque the yoke to the manufacture’s recommended specifications
  • Check the clutch release fork, cross shafts and bushings for wear in the bell housing, if worn replace
  • If the clutch is replaced, the flywheel needs to be resurfaced

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