Truck-Lite debuts new license lamps

Truck LiteTruck-Lite Co. has expanded its current Flex-Lite LED product line with the release of the new LED 36 Series License Lamp.

The new LED 36 Series License Lamp adheres directly to the mounting surface through the use of heavy-duty adhesive backing, with an easy-to-install, peel-off liner, eliminating the need for tools during installation, the company says. This adhesive is made with industrial strength compounds and endured stiff pressure washing tests that showed top performance. Truck-Lite says its unique adhesive also was tested for extreme temperature tolerance.

There are two lamp options to choose from: one lamp has wires that exit from the side (PN# 35145C) and the other has wires that exit from the rear (PN# 36140C), Truck-Lite says. The side-exiting wire lamp provides a license lamp solution that does not require mounting brackets or installation screws. Although the rear-exiting wire lamp can also be directly mounted to the surface, it also offers gray and black brackets, if preferred, the company says.

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