Utility company keeps up with PM for large mixed fleet

Jason Cannon

November 4, 2013

Tom Browne, Fleet Services Region Manager for Alabama Power Company, currently oversees more than 2,700 trucks and heavy equipment.

He and his team are responsible for maintenance on each piece of equipment, which is in-service and scattered cross 52,423 square miles and all of Alabama’s 67 counties.

“When we put a new truck in service, we set up a PM as soon as it’s put in service,” Browne says.

The PM needs of each truck are tracked through M5, a tracking application that organizes truck and equipment data.

Browne runs a report each month, which details which trucks need PM, and shows any trucks that may have missed PM the previous months.

“We have that report broken down by crew and by garage,” he says, “and we’ll contact the crew foreman to schedule the maintenance.”

To get all the details on how Browne tackles the maintenance tasks at hand, see the report from our sister site, Hard Working Trucks, by clicking HERE.

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