Victor Technologies emphasizing Tweco brand for welding

Truck Parts and Service Staff

September 19, 2013

Victor Technologies said Monday the company is positioning Tweco as its single brand for specialty welding products and arc accessories.

Beginning with the Tweco Fabricator 3-in-1 welding machines, and continuing throughout the entire Thermal Arc product line, all welding products will transition to the Tweco brand.

Late last year, the Tweco logo design was refreshed to include a new generation of welders to the brand. The new brand mark and trade dress have already been introduced with Tweco MIG guns and arc accessories, and welding power supplies will now be added.

Victor says the latest announcement is part of the company’s strategy to leverage the strength of its global brand portfolio and enhance its position as an innovative leader of welding solutions.

Approximately one year ago, the company changed its name to Victor Technologies, aligning all of its cutting and gas control products under the Victor brand.

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