Volvo, Mack launch automated transmission fluid

Jason Cannon

April 25, 2013

Volvo and Mack this week each announced a product line of SAE 75W-80 transmission lubricant, specifically engineered for I-Shift and mDrive automated manual transmissions.

Both fluids are approved for drain intervals up to 500,000 miles.

Bulldog mDRIVE and I-Shift transmission fluids delivers the lubrication, component protection and fuel economy demanded by the mDRIVE and is formulated to meet the exacting Transmission Fluid 97318 specification, the companies say.

Mack and Volvo each say their respective fluids offer smoother gear meshing and easier pumping and filtering, and their high viscosity index allows for low-temperature fluidity for quicker starts, easy shifts and reduced wear during cold start-ups while providing strong lubricating films at higher temperatures.

Both fluids have optimized friction properties to ensure smooth and rapid gear shifting, reducing stress on the driveline and tires.

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