Bore-brush sets from IPA

IPA releases its latest abrasive bore-brush sets, the Micro-Bore and Valve-Guide Brush Sets in stainless steel (#8087) and brass (#8088). According to IPA, These convenient, eight-piece sets of small-diameter brushes are optimal for cleaning tubes, bores, valve guides and more. Durable and abrasive, each set includes ...

Portable fuel filtration system

IPA introduces the #9046F Pneumatic Fuel Tank Sweeper, a complete turnkey system for removing debris, impurities and water from contaminated diesel fuel, fuel oil and kerosene. "We built this unit to be the ultimate filtration system for anyone servicing on or off-road equipment," says Ian Vinci, vicepPresident of ...

IPA debuts fuel system cleaning product

IPA has expanded its fuel transfer and filtration line with a new, one-of-a-kind solution for priming and cleaning diesel fuel injection systems. IPA says its Diesel-Fuel Injection Cleaner and Primer (#9080) allows technicians to fill the fuel tank reservoir with a fuel system cleaning fluid and ...

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