Phillips Industries

Phillips Industries debuts updated website

Phillips Industries has updated its website to improve the user experience with enhanced imaging, quick navigation, a mobile friendly interface and added content. According to Phillips, expanded content includes extensive product information, a digital catalog, videos, product literature, technical tips, and product use instructions. Current and past issues of the Qwik Tech Tips newsletter, published monthly by Phillips Industries, offering solutions to specific issues that cause problems for ...

Phillips Industries hires new director of Innovation and Emerging Technologies

Phillips Industries has hired Thomas “Tom” Begin to fill the new role of director of innovation and emerging technologies. In this new position, Begin will be focused on launching new and innovative electrical and air brake technologies for heavy duty trucks and trailers, the company says. Begin’s industry knowledge will lead Phillips Industries in finding inventive solutions that will advance the capabilities of both trucks and trailers ...

Identifying the difference between single and dual pole cables

Phillips Industries' has released its newest issue of Qwik Tech Tips, which determines the difference between single and dual pole cables. According to Phillips Industries, both single and dual pole cables are used for charging liftgate batteries. When either fail, it "can make the difference between finishing up your route or spending the rest of the day stranded," the company says. For reference, Phillips says single pole charge cable ...

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