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Best practice for replacing a 7-way plug

The March 2017 issue of Phillips Industries' Qwik Tech Tips features tips for replacing a J560 7-way plug. According to Phillips, the J560 7-way connection can become loose over time from coupling and uncoupling, which wears down the pins. Worn out connection pins can cause intermittent or permanent lighting failure. If the socket has split pins, one option to resolve a weak connection is to spread these ...

Phillips, Velvac introduce TrailerLink connected vehicle solution

February 28, 2017

Two days after introducing its Connected Technology division, Phillips Industries debuted its first connected product, TrailerLink. Developed in collaboration with Velvac, TrailerLink is a patent-pending connected vehicle solution designed to support trailer-to-tractor video and data communications and connectivity that is both robust and high-performance, the companies say.   Velvac’s Road iQ subsidiary worked with Phillips Industries to develop TrailerLink, which augments the traditional tractor-trailer 7-pin electrical connection with an additional ...

Phillips introduces new Connected Technology division

February 26, 2017

Phillips Industries announces the launch of Phillips Connect Technologies, a new division of the company that brings Internet of Things-like technology to trailer safety and security. PCT, announced Sunday at the 2017 Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) ...

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