Phillips Industries

New Qwik Tech Tips provides gladhands guidance

Phillips Industries has released its newest issue of Qwik Tech Tips, which this month addresses the importance of well-sealed gladhand connections on an air line. "Inspecting gladhands regularly is one easy way to protect your air lines," the company says. "They are a critical piece of the air system and if maintained properly, they will keep you on the road longer with no problems." Additionally, Phillips says other keys to ...

Phillips expands Permalite XT family

Phillips Industries has introduced new lighting products to the Permalite XT family. The new lights include a 4.0 in. round reverse light and a 3/4 in. round hard-wired light for multiple applications. New adapter plates for upgrading ...

Phillips Industries debuts updated website

Phillips Industries has updated its website to improve the user experience with enhanced imaging, quick navigation, a mobile friendly interface and added content. According to Phillips, expanded content includes extensive product information, a digital catalog, videos, product literature, technical tips, and product use instructions. Current and past issues of the Qwik Tech Tips newsletter, published monthly by Phillips Industries, offering solutions to specific issues that cause problems for ...

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