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Identifying the difference between single and dual pole cables

Phillips Industries' has released its newest issue of Qwik Tech Tips, which determines the difference between single and dual pole cables. According to Phillips Industries, both single and dual pole cables are used for charging liftgate batteries. When either fail, it "can make the difference between finishing up your route or spending the rest of the day stranded," the company says. For reference, Phillips says single pole charge cable ...

Retail revolution: Parts showrooms can satisfy customers and boost sales

April 25, 2016

The following comes from the April 2016 issue of Truck Parts & Service. To read a digital version of the magazine, please click the image below.  The independent aftermarket has spent decades as a ‘behind the curtain’ ...

Qwik Tech Tips offers guidance to minimizing winter corrosion

"Minimizing and Managing Winter Damage" is the theme of this month's issue of Phillips Industries' Qwik Tech Tips. The newsletter says cold and damp winter weather can do a real number on trucks, and that winter weather combined with de-icing chemicals can cause a variety of vehicle problems, especially within the electrical system. For vehicle owners and service providers tasked with fighting those issues, "there are steps you can ...

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