Fullbay's Guide to Technician Recruiting & Retaining

Download this vital resource to get actionable insights on:

●      Attracting the Best: Learn how to stand out in a market facing a critical tech shortage. Discover strategies beyond higher salaries, such as unique benefits and a clear career path.

●       Building a Technician Pipeline: We'll guide you through the process of creating lasting connections with schools and communities to develop the next generation of techs.

●       Marketing Your Recruitment: Posting a job is only part of the equation. You'll learn how to sell your shop as the best place to work.

●       The Hiring Process Unveiled: Learn how to take techs from the application to the shop floor, ensuring they're the right fit for your team in skills, personality, and work ethic.

●       Retention Mastery: Keep your best techs happy with competitive pay, comprehensive onboarding, a morale-boosting environment, and a culture where they're a part of the team.

Why settle for good, when your shop can be great? Solidify your shop's future by learning how to recruit and retain techs. Download your copy today!

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