Stu MacKay

Stu MacKay's trucking industry experience dates back to 1956 (the same year that Clarence Werner bought his first truck) as a dispatcher summer trainee for Red Star Express Lines in upstate New York. Just for reference, twin-countershaft transmissions were just being introduced, front tractor brakes were optional and the maximum trailer length was 35 ft. He joined the company full time in 1957, serving in several operating positions, leaving in 1961 for graduate school. In 1963, he joined Cummins Engine Company, serving in several marketing positions including marketing director for what is now Cummins Filtration Division. 

MacKay & Company was established in 1968 as a marketing consulting and market research firm focusing its primary efforts in the commercial truck, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and related parts and components markets. The company developed its proprietary DataMac aftermarket market measurement and tracking programs in the early 1980s. 

MacKay & Company, in conjunction with MEMA’s Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association, established the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Dialogue program in 2008.