Hendrickson produces White Paper

Hendrickson Bumper and Trim has released test results in a White Paper proving that AERO CLAD bumper technology addresses the industry call for light-weight metal material, mirror-like finish, and increased ground clearance while offering fuel efficiencies similar to their plastic counter parts.

The independent third party SAE J1321 Type II testing represents Hendrickson’s on-going commitment to provide solutions to meet the needs of today’s medium- and heavy-duty trucking industry by continuing innovation in its 100-year history, the company says.

In recent years, Hendrickson says the trucking industry has become more concerned than ever with increasing fuel efficiencies to address both today’s economic needs and growing environmental responsibilities. A common solution to these two concerns has been to reduce weight and increase the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle by shifting from traditional metal bumpers to lightweight plastic alternatives. However, the durability and maintenance of such plastic bumpers can undermine savings achieved by weight reductions and thus, a need for a light weight metal alternative remains, the company says.

Hendrickson Bumper and Trim commissioned two SAE J1321 Type II fuel consumption tests to prove once and for all that a metal bumper could provide the look, durability and ground clearance desired while not degrading the consumption of fuel on a given vehicle. According to Hendrickson, each fuel consumption test utilized identical vehicles with one variable, a control vehicle with a factory supplied plastic bumper to provide a baseline, and test vehicles utilizing AERO CLAD bumpers. Two separate tests were run in the spring and fall of 2012; both were run on two popular industry vehicles.

Hendrickson says the results of the independent tests concluded the replacement of the factory bumper with the Hendrickson AERO CLAD product produced no adverse effect on fuel consumption.

Proprietary to Hendrickson, AERO CLAD material is a combination of aluminum and stainless steel that is formed through molecular bonding of the two metals, the company says. The result is a mirror-like material that is 10 times thicker than chrome plating, nearly half the weight of traditional metal bumpers, and exhibits corrosion resistance to chipping, cracking and peeling found in traditional chrome products. Hendrickson says AERO CLAD technology is currently available on several popular truck models and carries a 5-year limited warranty.

For more information, or to view a complete copy of the white paper titled: “Fuel Consumption Testing Proves AERO CLAD Bumper Technology Offers Fuel Efficiency Without Compromise,” visit www.hendrickson-intl.com/AERO.

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