Train now, execute later

We (well, technically I) write a lot about how advanced the technology in Class 8 trucks have become. Today’s new trucks on dealer lots are filled with so many computers you half expect to see a line of twenty somethings in front of the store waiting to buy one.

While this technology has undoubtedly made these trucks safer and more efficient, it’s also made them more difficult to maintain.

The days of fixing a truck with a socket set, some elbow grease and torque wrench are over.

It is because of this advancement that Truck Parts & Service constantly promotes and endorses training programs in the aftermarket.

I think it is a necessity for aftermarket parts and service providers to stay informed on the advancements made to the products they sell. Customers rely on you for service and expertise and if you don’t keep up with the changes in this industry you can’t provide that to them.

Earlier this week I attended an ACOFAS training course at Hendrickson in Woodridge, Ill. and my thoughts on this topic were confirmed.

Technological advancements in this industry are coming at a lightning fast pace. Hendrickson’s new suspension and axle products are stunningly impressive, capable of sensing microscopic shifts in vehicle performance and adjusting accordingly while on the road, improving and extending vehicle performance.

Customers will love that, but in those instances when these components do need to be serviced or replaced, you better know what all of that technology does, and what do to fix it.

My advice is this:

Take advantage of the training organizations in the aftermarket. Organizations like ACOFAS and SSA, among others. These are groups dedicated to helping to teach you about this new technology and preparing you for this new technology before it comes to your shop.

Don’t sit back and wait for advancements to hit you, and think you can figure it out on the fly.

Learn what you need to know now so you can do the necessary service later.

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