Spring Hanger Mounting Bracket Wear Plates

On certain Mack chassis equipped with the Maxlite 20/40 rear air suspension, you may see wear on the inner rib of the spring hanger brackets.

Wear is allowable on the inner ribs of the spring hanger basket, but if wear is excessive, wear plates (Part No. 25QK246M) and can be installed inside the hanger brackets to prevent further wear.

If the wear has progressed to the point where the main body of the spring hanger bracket has been affected, the hanger bracket must be replaced.

Install the wear plates into the two existing holes located in the legs on both sides of the spring hanger bracket. If the main support member has worn through the inner rib and has begun to wear into the legs of the spring hanger bracket, the bracket should be replaced and the wear plates installed in the new brackets.

Refer to the Maxlite 20/40 Rear Air Suspension Service Manual for removal and reinstallation procedures for the main support member to gain access when installing the wear plates.

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