Showcase – August 20071

Heavy-duty Wheel Lift System
Gray has introduced a 40,000-lb. capacity portable wheel lift system designed to eliminate the need for a dedicated bay, keeping downtime to a minimum. The system is 100% air-operated and can use shop air to raise one end of a variety of vehicles with a wheel diameter between 14″ and 24.5.”

The wheel lift system, which is suited for raising heavy vehicles such as motor coaches, fire apparatus and military vehicles, is designed to double as a vehicle support stand and can raise one end of a vehicle 30,” according to Gray.
Gray Manufacturing Co.

Electric Tarp System
Roll-Rite said users of hand-crank cable-style tarp systems can convert to a direct drive electric system with its TaskMaster Power Kit. Designed to accommodate a 1″ cross-shaft, the power kit can be mounted in under four hours, with no coupling or cutting required, the company said.

Operated by an in-cab rocker switch, the TaskMaster kit offers increased safety, convenience and control, according to Roll-Rite.

The kit can be mounted anywhere on the front cross-shaft to keep the motor away from the outside of the trailer where it could be hit and damaged. The kit is powered by the TaskMaster, one of several Roll-Rite direct-drive electric gear motors that work without chains or sprockets.

Included with the kit is 85′ of 6-gauge dual conductor wire, 15′ of 14-gauge 3-conductor wire, and an aluminum mounting bracket. An optional wireless remote control also is available.

Bug Deflector
Spray Control Systems has introduced the Minimizer Bug Deflector, which is made using a composite poly material and is available in a variety of colors, including chrome.

With a quick bolt-on design, each bug deflector is individually made to fit a variety of manufacturers’ models, including Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Volvo and Western Star, according to the manufacturer.
Spray Control Systems

Rolling Tarp System
Aero Industries said its new Conestoga 2 rolling tarp features many innovations.

Aero’s proprietary bow shocks are designed to reduce road shock and add to the longevity of the tarp system. The standard double uplift bows reduce tarp sag to 8′ and the optional quad uplift bows reduce tarp sag to 3″ to maximize internal clearance.

A panelized tarp looks like it is one piece. Panelized tarps allow damaged sections to be replaced easily. The aluminum bows are hidden, providing a continuous surface for graphics.
The tarp fabric is formulated for the Conestoga 2 and has a urethane outer coat to provide a clean and shiny appearance. The tarp automatically seals between the track and bump rail, and an internal rubber seal minimizes air entry and stabilizes the tarp.

The system eliminates the need for the cable in the bottom tarp hem. The bump rail, in addition to helping the tarp seal, also protects the tarp during loading with forklifts.

The rear locking mechanism allows the driver to determine and set the proper tarp tension, eliminating the need for periodic maintenance adjustments, according to the company.
Aero Industries

Fresher Diesel Fuel Tanks
Power Service Products said its Clear-Diesel Fuel & Tank Cleaner, an ultra-low-sulfur diesel-compliant additive, is effective in all diesel fuels, including ULSD and biodiesel. The additive is designed to disperse diesel fuel contaminants, remove water, prevent premature fuel-filter plugging, protect against fuel tank corrosion and keep fuel fresh with Stabiltec.
Power Service Products

Refrigerant Oils With UV Dye
Tracer Products has introduced a line of POE and PAG refrigerant oils premixed with ultraviolet dye. Designed for mobile A/C systems, the oils contain super-bright, OEM-approved Fluoro-Lite fluorescent dye that is co-solvent free.

The oils are safe to use with all types of refrigerants and compressors. In addition to R-134a miscibility, they also are formulated for enhanced lubricity and stability, and for excellent anti-wear properties, the company said.

Nontoxic and nonhazardous, the dyed oils work with any standard fluorescent leak detection lamp. Offered in 8-oz., 32-oz. and one-gallon sizes and in all popular viscosities, the dyed oils make it easy to add the exact amount of fluorescent dye and oil in the proper viscosity to each system being serviced.
Tracer Products

Updated Software For Vehicle Testing
Lite-Check has released version 7.4 of its Inspector software for its 910B automatic vehicle tester. The latest version includes the following additions and enhancements, according to the company.

Bendix TABS-6 ABS controller joins existing ECUs from Haldex, WABCO, Bendix and Wabash on the list of ABS systems supported by the 910B’s One-Button ABS fault and troubleshooting system.

Automated fault management for older blink-code style Wabash and WABCO ABS controllers has been enhanced.

Tractor ABS cab lights can be inspected directly with the addition of “cab-on” and “cab-off” broadcasts directly from the tester.

ABS fault code detail, along with troubleshooting and repair instructions for ABS problems, is easier to access through the improved computer display menus, according to the company.

The Inspector 7.4 software upgrade is available for all Lite-Check Model 910B automatic testers produced since 1997, the company said. Testers currently running software versions prior to 7.1 may require hardware upgrades to support the functionality of version 7.4.

Next Generation Of Vorad
Eaton Corp.’s Vorad VS-400, a new generation of its truck safety system, incorporates a collision warning system (CWS) with forward-looking radar, the company’s Blindspotter side sensor and SmartCruise adaptive cruise control.

Features include a new 77-GHz radar that won’t require a special bumper to be installed on the truck, as with the current version of Vorad. The radar, which integrates a CWS and adaptive cruise control, is 70% lighter and 60% smaller than the existing EVT-300 radar and cuts the number of wires to four from the current 18.

The system also employs a new driver interface unit that offers visual and audio alerts and the ability to configure for left/right speaker capability. The unit is user-programmable and can accept driver identification and up to four personal identification numbers. It is designed to support lane-departure warning systems and other technologies that follow defined protocol structure.

Cold Start Package
Espar Heater Systems’ Sure Start package includes the company’s Hydronic 5 Coolant Heater and Hot Foxes from Arctic Fox. Espar developed the package in response to concerns about the ability to start engines in cold weather, given the use of ultra-low-sulfur diesel and, in some cases, biodiesel.

The new package heats the engine and fuel tanks, including the fuel being delivered to the engine and heater.
Espar Heater Systems

Slim Borescope
The Cobra-6 enables you to inspect and check, without disassembly, difficult-to-see components such as pistons, intake valves, fuel systems, radiators and evaporators. The ultra-slim borescope features an interchangeable blue-and-white-light LED flashlight.

The blue light is for detecting fluorescent leaks and surface flaws, while the white light is for component inspection. The package includes fluorescence-enhancing glasses and fluorescent leak-detection dyes. Dye refills are sold separately.
Tracer Products

Tipping Platform
The sidewall design of the Genesis tipping platform transfer trailer from East Manufacturing eliminates the need for a center bar or pipe to bridge the sidewalls or a midsection across the top. Without a crossbar in the way, trailers can be loaded faster, cleaner and more efficiently, with a more even load distribution, according to the manufacturer.

The tipper’s extruded sidewall panels, floor-to-wall junction and heavy-duty top rail add the strength needed to keep wall flexing to a minimum.
East Manufacturing

Back-Up Lamps
Truck-Lite has introduced single diode technology to its line of light-emitting diode back-up lamps. The new 66 Series oval lamp is one of the first known back-up lamps with this type of technology and is available with grommet and built-in flange mounts.

The lamp meets photometric specifications when mounted vertically and exceeds Department Of Transportation requirements and Society Of Automotive Engineers’ standards for on-highway lighting.

All electronics, including the diode, are sealed in epoxy to withstand road shock and vibration and prevent moisture from reaching the circuits.
Truck-Lite Co., Inc.

Side Turn Lamp
Grote’s surface-mount LED side turn lamp provides plenty of front light for the driver to see in the mirrors. The side turn design features two Lumileds Luxeon LEDs that, when combined with jeweled reflectors, are effective at placing light where needed, according to the company.

The inner lens array is designed to optimize output while eliminating the need for additional LEDs.
Grote Industries, Inc.

Waterproof Multi-Purpose Grease
Green Grease from Omni Lubricants is a professional-grade, high-performance synthetic polymer developed for trucking applications, withstanding temperatures up to 500

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