Literature Review

Chrome Accessories Catalog
New from ArvinMeritor, Inc. is the Euclid Chrome And Stainless Steel Accessories catalog. This full-color catalog features bumper hardware, exhaust products, exterior accessories, front wheel products, lighting products, simulators and more.

Included is an index by part number for easy reference. Detailed descriptions and pictures accompany each product, and charts illustrate product selection information.
ArvinMeritor, Inc.

Biodiesel Products
Literature from FPPF is available, highlighting the company’s Biodiesel products. Biodiesel fuel power is designed to allow the fuel to be combusted and helps prevent the formation of sludge and deposits, according to the company.

Biodiesel winter treatment is designed to improve the flow of biofuels in cold weather while reducing ice formation in the fuel, the company said.

The full-color sheet provides details on both products, as well as handling instructions. Packaging and ordering information also is included.
FPPF Chemical Company

Radial Truck Tire Catalog
The newest edition of the Bridgestone Radial Truck Tire catalog is said to help you and your customer choose the best tire for their rigs as well as for their haul.

It includes photos of tires and tread patterns, specifications, key features and customer benefits.

The catalog covers all of the company’s medium commercial truck tires, from line haul radials to on- and off-highway tires, including the new R250 ED, M850, M860 and L320 radials.
Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, LLC

Parts Brochure
Wheel Nuts, Fasteners And Attaching Parts is available from Great Lakes Parts. It features such products as spoke wheel rim clamps, oil seal hubcaps, sockets, air gauges, drive axle flange gaskets and hubodometers.

Recently-added products include two-piece flange wheel nuts, new sizes of drum bolts and rubber wheel chocks.

Pictures, descriptions and part numbers accompany each featured product. In the back of the brochure you’ll find a part number interchange for easy reference.
Great Lakes Parts

Brake & Sideslip Testers Brochure
Hunter Heavy-Duty Inspection Equipment Quickly Identifies Needed Service And Repair Work is available. The six-page brochure describes the company’s B400T brake tester as well as the SS100T sideslip tester.

Detailed information on each product is highlighted. The B400T is said to use state-of-the-art technology to measure brake balance on multi-axle vehicles in 60 seconds or less. The SS100T will perform an alignment check within 60 seconds, the company.

Charts display the information the user will see on the screen when operating this equipment.
Hunter Engineering Company

Electrical Catalog
Catalog number LT1005 is available from Power Products. This updated electrical catalog features information on coiled electrics, connectors, wire, cable, electrical tools, switches and much more.

Detailed descriptions and pictures accompany each product and a part-number-to-page-
number index also is included for easy reference, said the company.

Exclusive to Power Products branded lines, the power protection warranty program delivers the protection you expect and deserve, the company said.
Power Products /PDC

Fluid Analysis Brochure
A brochure from Wix, Heavy Duty Fluid Analysis, now is available. It provides a scientific approach to preventive maintenance, the company said. Featured is a listing of contaminants, including solid and liquid contaminants as well as the effects of those contaminants.

Viscosity, fuel, water/coolant, fuel soot, total acid number, total base number and oxidation are defined, and pictures illustrate what dirty fuel, dirty coolant and dirty oil, to name a few, look like and do to the vehicle.
Wix Filters

Parts Catalog
A parts catalog now is available from Fleetline, featuring tandem fenders and mounts, quarter fenders and mounts and mud flap hanger brackets.

Each part is described in detail and is accompanied by pictures with product dimensions. Each product’s part number and weight also are highlighted in the brochure.

You’ll also find that ordering policies and contact information are included in the full-color brochure as well.
Fleetline Products

Roller Bushings & Fan Drives Brochures
New literature is available from Horton. A full-color piece of literature highlights the benefits of the company’s roller bushings, including special ribbed casing, patented needle bearings and dual lip seals that are designed to keep out dirt.

A brochure explaining the VMaster viscous air sensing fan drives, the VMaster viscous directly controlled fan drives and the VMaster Ultra viscous fan drives also is available.

Each product’s details and specifications are provided in easy-to-read charts, and pictures also are included.
Horton, Inc.

Distributor Guide
New from VIPAR Heavy Duty is its Guide To Parts And Service Locations. This brochure has more than 80 pages of information on VIPAR distributors, arranged by country, then state, followed by city and finally by distributorship name.

The companies span the United States and Canada, and contact information is provided for each location. Icons represent which facilities stock parts, provide shop services and provide drive-in repair services.
VIPAR Heavy Duty

CJ-4 Brochure
Everything You Need To Know About 2007 Regulation Changes And Your Diesel Engine is available from Chevron. The pamphlet highlights the Chevron Delo products, and is categorized into three sections: Diesel Fuel, On-Highway Engine Hardware and Diesel Engine Oil.

The brochure explains the new emissions regulations and how they will affect your customers. Tips on what your customers can do to prepare for these changes also are included.
Chevron Products Company, Inc.

New Brake Catalog
A new Meritor Brake, Trailer Axle and Wheel Attaching Parts catalog now is available from ArvinMeritor, Inc. It includes information to support recent product launches, such as the Price Point Brake Hardware Kits and Clearance Sensing Automatic Slack Adjusters.

Twenty-six pages of reference material have been added, and a quick-reference guide for brake hardware kits and unlined brake shoes enables you to find what you’re looking for. Labeled, exploded views of various components also are featured.
ArvinMeritor, Inc.

New Suspension Catalog
Global Ride Solutions, a new catalog from Hendrickson, highlights the company’s suspension systems for the on-highway truck and trailer segments, vocational and heavy haul truck and trailer markets, medium-duty, bus and motor home and lift axle systems for trucks and trailers.

Information on the company’s lines of bumper and trim also are included, as well as additional features and options for trucks and trailers and aftermarket products.

Detailed descriptions and pictures accompany each product in this full-color, 20-page brochure.

Gearing Product Card
A new product card from Dana Spicer describes the benefits that can be realized by using genuine Spicer gearing.

The new product card features test data and results that show genuine Spicer gearing can provide up to 280% more life than non-genuine gearing.

This superior gearing performance will result in saving your customer money by minimizing his downtime, according to the company.
Dana Spicer

Master Lighting Catalog
Peterson Manufacturing Company rounded out its 60th anniversary year by offering its 2006 Master Catalog. It reflects the addition of nearly 250 new safety light and accessory items, and more than 2000 SKUs are available arranged in eight distinct product categories.

The catalog is color-coded which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, the company said. The new catalog features product listings and an expanded reference section, providing technical product information and federal requirements as well as a glossary of industry terms.
Peterson Manufacturing Company

Air Filter Brochure
The MXM Maximum Force air filter brochure from Luber-finer introduces the company’s new air filter product line.

This full-color brochure explains that these filters, designed for heavy-duty use, feature MicroGold Fiber technology for cleaning efficiency, as well as more pleats for extra dirt holding capacity.

The brochure features charts that showcase the filter’s 99.97% cleaning efficiency, and pictures display the pleats that are said to provide added protection against damage, according to the company.
Luber-finer/Champion Laboratories

Tech Tips
A publication from Timken, TechTips, is designed to promote safe, proper bearing handling practices for the heavy-duty market, according to the company.

The flier provides a checklist of bearing damage, including signs of advanced problems in differentials and transmissions. Featured is a list of problems that may be noticed during troubleshooting, inspection, teardown or rebuilding of the driveline gearboxes.

Pictures accompany some of the problems to help with identifying them, and contact information is included to receive the company’s rebuild kits.
The Timken Company

PTO Catalog
S&S Truck Parts, through its NEWSTAR product line, offers a complete line of new aftermarket power take-off (PTO) units.

Built 100% part-for-part interchangeable with Chelsea units, NEWSTAR offers OE quality components at competitive prices, according to the company.

The PTOs are sourced globally and assembled and tested in the United States.
S&S Truck Parts, Inc.

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