Cover Story/The Service Bay: Oil myths & facts

According to the API, these oils are able to sustain emission control system durability where diesel particulate filters (DPF) and other aftertreatment systems are used in 2007 engines.

The advent of the new oil classification marks a departure from old school oil beliefs and practices. In the spirit of embracing the new while not discrediting the old, Truck Parts & Service spoke with oil industry experts to expose and debunk some common oil myths.

Myth: One viscosity grade fits all.

Fact: Every expert Truck Parts & Service spoke with recommended following the engine builder’s viscosity recommendations. John Shepard, commercial on-highway marketing specialist, Chevron Products Company warned, “Following OEM recommendations regarding viscosity in applications is important. Not following them could result in warranty violations.”

That said, most experts agreed that you do have a little room for viscosity play, especially if your customer’s vehicle runs in a cold climate. In fact, low temperature wear is one of the reasons why older, straight grade SAE 40 or SAE 50 oils are obsolete.

According to Reginald Dias, director, commercial products, ConocoPhillips Lubricants, 76 Lubricants brand, “Some end-users think that a monograde, high-viscosity oil might be better because high-viscosity oil gives better protection. That is not the case because often these oils do not have good low-temperature pumpability.”

“Most engine wear can occur during the startup phase, especially in cold climates,” said Mark Betner, heavy-duty product manager, CITGO Petroleum Corporation. “What a lot of people don’t understand is that in viscosity classifications, the lower number-generally 15W, with “W” standing for winter-has limitations at how low of a temperature it still can protect the engine. Some engine builders will tell you that a 15W40 oil is probably only adequate down to 15

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