Showcase – September 2007

Single-Diode LED Clearance/Sidemarker Lights
Peterson Manufacturing expanded its line of single-diode Piranha light-emitting diode (LED) clearance/sidemarker lights with a PC-rated model: the 177 Series DOT Light. All lights in the DOT line approximate the size of DOTS gum drops – about 3/4 inch in diameter – from which they derive their DOT nickname, says the company.

The products PC rating refers to the SAE designation for a lamp whose specialized optics can produce a light-spread spanning 180 degrees. When mounted at a 45-degree angle, the model functions as two lights in one, providing both clearance and sidemarker functions, says the company. It also has a rotationally symmetric design that enables the optics to work in any position, which eases installation procedures.

The product is available in both red and amber versions and has an operating range of 8 to 16 volts.
Peterson Manufacturing

Integral Height Control Valve
Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems unveiled an integral height control valve (HCV) and automatic dump valve to help maintain load stability over the road and to facilitate load docking activity, says the company.

The product specifically is designed for best performance with the company’s air-ride suspensions. The integrated unit features a high-flow design for rapid dump and fill times. When triggered by the trailer parking brake, the valve automatically discharges with the setting of the brake and begins the air up of springs with the release of the brake.

For improved maintenance, the HCV eliminates the need for an add-on dump valve, reduces plumbing and presents fewer potential leak points, according to the company.
Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems

All-Weather, Electronic Controller
Phillips Industries introduced the Permalogic Reefer, an all-weather, electronic controller designed to manage power to trailer dome lamps in some reefer trailers.

The product allows operation of the trailer dome lamps even if the trailer is not connected to the tractor and also protects the operation of the refrigeration unit, says the company. If the refrigeration unit battery falls below 12.2 volts, the product’s control will shut off power to the interior lamps to save available power for the refrigeration unit. To further save battery power, the reefer also will automatically turn off interior dome lamps after 30 minutes of continuous use.

The unit also automatically switches off the interior dome lamps when the brakes are applied, enhancing vehicle safety by making maximum power available for the anti-lock braking system function, according to the company.
Phillips Industries

Multi-Purpose Borescope
Tracer Products developed the TP-9350 Cobra, a multi-purpose borescope that allows technicians to inspect and leak check hard-to-see components without disassembly, says the company.

The borescope is recommended for the inspection of air conditioning systems, fuel systems, radiators, internal engine and transmission parts and more. It features a 24-inch cable that maintains its position in tight areas as well as a clip-on inspection mirror that helps detect flaws sometimes hidden from view, according to the company.

Four AA alkaline batteries power two service-free, integrated solid-state light-emitting diodes: Ultraviolet for fluorescent leak detection and for detecting surface flaws, and bright white for component inspection.
Tracer Products

Hose Mounting Collars
Stafford Manufacturing Corp. released a line of two-piece hose mounting collars that can be stacked together and attached to other surfaces for creating easily-changed mounting arrays.

The mounting collars feature flats on one or both outside surfaces that are drilled and tapped for attachment purposes. The products also have a countersunk hole on the inside to maintain a smooth interior surface.

The collars hold hoses and tubing without crushing and are available in 1/8-inch to 16-inch sizes for securing a variety of hoses, says the company. They can be made from steel, stainless steel and aluminum, and can be supplied with hinged construction.
Stafford Manufacturing Corp.

Liquid Suction And Pumping Hose
Flexaust developed Tiger Tail, a new liquid suction and pumping hose that features a dual web-cap design for flexibility and coiling.

The product is a crush-resistant polyethylene copolymer hose with double profile construction and leak-proof polyweld cuffs for camlock fittings, says the company. It has a smooth interior and a rounded, external cap that operates over a -40 F to 140 F temperature range.

Planetary Gear Starter Program
Delco Remy released a 39MT heavy-duty planetary gear starter program into the aftermarket. The service program makes it possible to cover all makes of heavy-duty truck engines with five part numbers and since it is a new service program, no core return is required.

The starter features upgraded brushes and a 40 percent stronger drive system. It also has over-crank protection to safeguard against thermal damage, an integrated magnetic switch and solid-link solenoid, which prolongs service life by eliminating contact disc welding in low-voltage situations.

The electrical soft-start engagement system minimizes tooth abutment-related damage by rotating the pinion for proper ring-gear engagement before cranking. The product’s sealed, noseless configuration reduces debris accumulation and contamination-related maintenance expenses, says the company. The system has a labyrinth drain housing design that makes use of multiple drain points with O-ring seals.
Delco Remy

Parallelogram Lifts For Expedited Services
Parallelogram-style lifts from Rotary Lift can help expedite routine service and preventive maintenance jobs, the company says. The truck can be raised in as little as 60 seconds and the lift’s design allows access under the truck from both ends and sides.

The finish on the lifts has been upgraded to make them more resistant to cleaning and de-icing solutions for use in truck wash applications.

The lifts include standard patented mechanical locks, wheel chocks and a full-length safety strip. The PLC power unit can be programmed with multiple height presets to quickly raise different sizes of vehicles to the proper height. The PLC power unit also monitors all functions 40 times per second and alerts users to any issues. Optional rolling jacks can be added to allow the front, rear or all wheels to be lifted off the runways for brake, tire, alignment and suspension work. Other options include built-in lights and quick disconnects for compressed air at the front and rear of the lift, as well as a drive-thru ramp kit.

Three installation configurations are available: flush mount, surface mount and surface in recessed mount. Lift capacity ranges from 25,000 lbs. to 130,000 lbs.
Rotary Lift

Auxiliary Air Conditioning Manufacturer Announces Compliance
Dometic Environmental Corporation developed battery-powered auxiliary air conditioning (A/C) systems that are 100 percent compliant with the clean air requirements of the California Air Resources Board.

The system runs on 12V power from a bank of absorbed glass mat group 31 batteries with a 2000 watt DC-AC inverter that converts the battery output to 115V power to run the air conditioner. The turnkey package also includes a high-capacity alternator with an external regulator designed to rapidly recharge the batteries.

The auxiliary A/C systems are offered in 7000 and 10,000 BTU capacities. The product line includes self-contained package units and split systems with an external condensing unit. The split systems use reusable refrigerant linesets with quick-connect fittings. The units are factory pre-charged with refrigerant that automatically charges to the correct pressure when the linesets are connected.
Dometic Environmental Corporation

Exhaust Extraction Systems
Exhaust collection and extraction systems from V.E.S. remove unwanted and possibly dangerous fumes emitted from gas-, diesel- and propane-driven engines. The systems are available for single- or multiple-bay service facilities.

The V.E.S. product line includes the VES-reel, a retractable hose-and-reel system with a remote-mounted blower; the VES-Hose System, a single- or double-hose collection design with an integrated blower/motor; and the VES-Portable, a self-contained exhaust collection and removal system with a high-efficiency motor/blower and up to 30-feet of collection hose.
Airflow Systems Inc.

Mobile Lifting System
ARI-HETRA introduced a redesigned heavy-duty mobile lifting system, the Hetra-AE. The programmable system features an LED display, weight-sensing capability and self diagnostics. The display shows the height, weight being lifted and operating status.

The ALI-certified AE has a lift height of 68 inches and is available in lifting capacities from 48,000 to 160,000 pounds.

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