Showcase – November 2007

Transmission Lift Kit Kiene Diesel Accessories
introduces its K-1210 JackSack Transmission Jack Kit for handling transmissions and other truck components with greater ease and safety, according to the company.

The system has a slotted steel tray with angled sides on which bread-loaf sized bean bags, called JackSacks, conform to the shape of and cradle components. A two-inch wide safety strap secures the component to the tray.
Kiene Diesel Accessories

Diesel Fuel Enhancer
Penray introduces POW-R Performance diesel fuel enhancer to provide a cetane boost, add lubricity, clean engines and increase fuel performance.

According to the manufacturer, the product reduces piston and combustion chamber deposits, cleans injectors and reduces visible emissions and NOx emissions as well as protects the system against accelerated wear from ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.

Sidemarkers for trailers
Innovative Lighting announces the PCP2 LED corner sidemarker/clearance lights. According to the company, the product is energy efficient and has a service life of up to 100,000 hours. It operates on a 9v to 16v DC system, draws 130 milliamps and is 2.84 inches long by 1.51 inches wide by 1.21 inches deep.

The sonically sealed polycarbonate lens and housing are PC-rated and are said to be shock and vibration proof.

The lights are available in a black mounting base with red or amber LEDs and an amber, red or clear lens.
Innovative Lighting

Gas Engine Pressure Washer
Hotsy introduces a new gas engine series of hot-water pressure washers. The belt-drive models can be ordered in a number of different configurations, each designed to fit the cleaning needs of the user.

All four models feature the company’s triplex belt-drive pump which allows the pressure washer to operate more smoothly, according to the company. The units are available in nine, 13 or 16 hp versions. All models produce cleaning power between 3000 to 3500 psi of water pressure and up to 4.6 gpm of flow volume.

Compressed Air Treatment Guide
An updated guide from Kaeser Compressors helps you select the right compressed air treatment equipment for your needs.

The eight-page, full-color guide, Meeting Your Compressed Air Treatment Needs, explains the latest advancements in dryers and filters and discusses other fundamental components, such as aftercoolers and traps.

Listed in the guide are engineering references such as the Compressed Air Glossary, Six Levels of Compressed Air Quality, Rules of Thumb and a Component Sizing Consideration table.
Kaeser Compressors

Updated Idling Reg Guide
Cummins’ new version of its eight-page guide, Idle Talk: How The New Regulations Affect You, now includes information for various Canadian cities and provinces. The guide also provides a concise overview of truck engine idling regulations on a state-by-state basis.

The guide is a quick-reference compendium of the latest maximum idling time allowed across the U.S. and Canada. It also gives a concise historical perspective of idling laws and how using an auxiliary power unit can help truckers meet idling regulations.

New Size for Wide-base Tire
Toyo announces a new 425/65R22.5 size for its M320 wide-base super-single tire. It is designed for on/off highway use in applications such as dump trucks, concrete mixers and refuse trucks.

It features large tread blocks with functional sipes and three wide zigzag grooves to improve traction both off road and on the street, according to the company. The casing profile minimizes growth of the tread area while maintaining a more uniform and flatter tread radius.

A cap base tread compound is said to prevent the concentration of stress in a single area, reducing excessive heat build-up.

In addition to the 425/65R22.5 size, the M320 also is available as a wide-base super-single in 385/65R22.5 size. Conventional sizes of the tire include an 11R22.5, 12R22.5, 315/80R22.5 and an 11R24.5.

LED Arrow Turn Signal
Grote Industries offers a new LED arrow turn signal lamp. According to the company, the large bright amber LED arrow signal lamp gives drivers of vehicles following tankers and other trailers extra time to notice them making a turn.

The lamp is said to be shock resistant so it can stand up to the rigors of the road. It is constructed with LEDs rated to last 100,000 hours and is backed with a three-year warranty.
Grote Industries

Alignment Brochure
Josam offers a brochure on its Truckaligner II wireless computerized wheel alignment system for heavy vehicles. The brochure explains why wheel alignment is important and talks about the advantages of the Truckaligner II.

Both the PC and the handheld versions of the product are explained. The PC version is intended for use in a regular computer with the Windows XP operating system. The handheld version is based on the Windows CE operating system and is equipped with an eight-inch LCD screen.

Colored Mini-LED Auxiliary Lamps
Truck-Lite has expanded its line of 33 Series products, offering high- and low-intensity auxiliary lamps in six different colors.

As auxiliary lamps, the 33 Series was not required to meet any output standards, but are designed for appearance applications.

The lamps require a standard 3/4-inch drill for mounting both the grommet or flange versions. The lamps can be carried into protective extrusions or mounted below mechanical features.
The series can be used for a variety of applications such as interior cab, walkways, glove boxes, interiors of trailers and bus applications.

Colors include red, amber, green, blue, purple and white in both high- and low-density.

Air-powered Truck Bed Loader/Unloader
The new Retriever truck bed is powered through the vehicle’s air system and is capable of loading and unloading 30,000-lb. payloads with the truck engine off, according to its manufacturer, Up-N-Atom.

The Retriever’s No Idle System, the company says, can reduce emissions and fuel use, extend engine life and increase maintenance cycles. The company estimates that over a five-year period, based on 250 operating days per year, the Retriever can eliminate 2500 hours of idle time and 26 tons of emissions while saving 2000 gallons of fuel.

Fire Suppression System
The HalGuard Automatic Fire Suppression System uses an EPA-approved extinguishing agent to help protect transport trailers and repair facilities from fire. According to the manufacturer, H3R Performance, the system uses a steel cylinder charged with a non-toxic, non-conductive and non-corrosive fire suppression agent gas. The system is activated when the agent dispenser head detects an ambient temperature higher than its rating.

The company says the system is easy to install using common tools and there is no need for special piping or electrical connections.
H3R Performance

Commercial Grade Induction Heating Tool
Induction Innovations has introduced the Inductor Pro Max 4 commercial grade induction heating tool that helps technicians remove glass and other parts bonded to vehicles while operating on just 120 volts.

The Pro Max 4 comes with a panel mounted UL/CSA listed GFI for user safety, inline connector for strain relief, audible and visual power indicators and an optional cart. The system uses different Inductor attachments for different applications:

  • Glass Blaster – removes bonded glass, SMC panels, metal bond adhesives and spray-on bedliners.
  • Fast-off Pad – Removes stripes, vinyl graphics, body-side moldings, sound pads, vapor barriers and stress-relieving sheet metal repairs.
  • Concentrator – Removes body caulking, seam sealers and hail dents, and quickly heats nuts, bolts and other types of harware.
  • Rosebud – Heats aluminum and heavier-gauge steel up to /-inch thick.

Induction Innovations

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