Spotlight: Top Requests of 2007

This year there was a number of innovative new product introductions and informative literature releases that appeared in the Showcase and Literature Review departments of this magazine. To make it easy for you to inquire about these items, each was accompanied by a Reader Service Number that allowed you to fax or mail a Reader Service Card request for additional information to be provided by the appropriate manufacturer.

Nine years ago we were proud to introduce the first annual Top 20 collection, a listing of Showcase and Literature Review items that generated the most inquiries from those Reader Service Cards.

This year we once again present, in alphabetical order by manufacturer, the most popular product and literature items (10 each) featured in Truck Parts & Service magazine during 2007. The results of our Top 20 products and literature are based purely on the number of reader inquiries each item received during 2007. Inquiries generated from advertising messages were not included in our count.

New Brake Catalog
A new Meritor Brake, Trailer Axle and Wheel Attaching Parts catalog now is available from ArvinMeritor, Inc. It includes information to support recent product launches, such as the Price Point Brake Hardware Kits and Clearance Sensing Automatic Slack Adjusters.
Twenty-six pages of reference material have been added, and a quick-reference guide for brake hardware kits and unlined brake shoes enables you to find what you’re looking for. Labeled, exploded views of various components also are featured.
ArvinMeritor, Inc.

Chrome Accessories Catalog
New from ArvinMeritor, Inc. is the Euclid Chrome And Stainless Steel Accessories catalog. This full-color catalog features bumper hardware, exhaust products, exterior accessories, front wheel products, lighting products, simulators and more.

Included is an index by part number for easy reference. Detailed descriptions and pictures accompany each product, and charts illustrate product selection information.
ArvinMeritor, Inc.

Drums, Rotors and Trailer Hubs Catalog
A new product catalog, Drums, Rotors and Trailer Hubs, now is available from ArvinMeritor, Inc.

The new catalog covers the most popular drums, rotors and trailer hub assemblies offered by the company. The front section offers detailed information about identifying brake drums and diagnosing common problems that lead to the failure of brake drums. It also includes information to support Preset by ArvinMeritor trailer hubs and associated service kits. Preset by ArvinMeritor hubs are available for TN/TQ and TP trailer axles.
ArvinMeritor, Inc.

Air Systems Program
ArvinMeritor’s Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket launched a Meritor All-Makes Air Systems offering.

The program will feature an array of more than 1000 part numbers, including outright and remanufactured air valves, remanufactured air dryers, cartridges and service components, remanufactured air compressors, air brake hose assemblies and fittings.

The outright valve program will feature 50 of the fastest moving part numbers and more will be added throughout the year, according to the company.
ArvinMeritor, Inc.

Splash Guard Protection
Betts Spring Company recently introduced the DirectFlex system, a combination of the company’s spring steel mud flap hanger and its ChannelFlap.

The system reduces the problems of lost or torn mud flaps and destroyed hangers from curb pinches, says the company. The system is constructed of a non-welded, alloy spring steel that is pre-fastened to its mounting bracket with vibration-resistant Huck fasteners.

The company has designed four frame brackets that cover all current drill patterns for retrofitting mudflaps to vehicles.
Betts Spring Company

Parts Catalog
A parts catalog now is available from Fleetline, featuring components such as tandem fenders and mounts, quarter fenders and mounts and mud flap hanger brackets.

Each part is described in detail and is accompanied by pictures with dimensions of the products. Each product’s part number and weight also are highlighted in the brochure.

You’ll also find that ordering policies and contact information are included in the full-color brochure.
Fleetline Products

Tool Guide
Impact Sockets, Chisels & Attachments now is available from Grey Pneumatic. This catalog has more than 150 pages full of product information on the company’s different types of sockets, drivers, wheel service items, impact chisels, impact socket displays and more.

Each product type has its own section, complete with pictures and full descriptions. Flip to the back of the brochure, and you’ll find a conversion chart, warranty information and safety rules from the company.
Grey Pneumatic

3-Way Universal Test Strips
Penray has introduced the TS200 3-way universal test strips designed for all heavy-duty coolant types, including extended-life coolant (ELC).

The test strips determine the freeze point as well as check for contamination and chemical protection in cooling systems using conventional coolants and ELCs. Test strips provide results in minutes, according to the company.

Master Lighting Catalog
Peterson Manufacturing Company rounded out its 60th anniversary by offering its 2006 Master Catalog. It reflects the addition of nearly 250 new safety lighting and accessory items, and more than 2000 SKUs are available arranged in eight distinct product categories.

The catalog is color-coded which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, the company says. The catalog features product listings and an expanded reference section, providing technical product information and federal requirements as well as a glossary of industry terms.
Peterson Manufacturing Company

LED Dot Lights
Peterson’s 171-series Piranha light emitting diode (LED) lights are called dot lights because they are about the same size as the gumdrops with the same name, according to the company. These amber and red one-diode LEDs meet federal requirements for clearance, side marker and ID lights.

A white utility dot light also is available. The new series of lights are hardwired for corrosion resistance and operate from 8v to 16v, according to the company.

The lights come with a rubber grommet that fits a 3/4 inch hole.
Peterson Lighting Co.

Electrical Catalog
Catalog number LT1005 is available from Power Products. This updated electrical products catalog features information on coiled electrics, connectors, wire, cable, electrical tools, switches and much more.

Detailed descriptions and pictures accompany each product and a part-number-to-page-number index also is included for easy reference, says the company.

Exclusive to Power Products branded lines, the power protection warranty program delivers the protection your customer expects and deserves, the company says.
Power Products/PDC

LED Lighting Products
Power Products has an extensive line of light emitting diode (LED) lighting products to fit every application with standard plug connections and mounting options. The HP4 pin square diodes are said to give maximum light output with 88 percent less amperage than incandescent lamps, the company says.

The company’s potted circuit boards provide corrosion and vibration resistance for uniform performance, according to the company. The lights are sealed in impact-resistant polycarbonate housings.

They are reported to meet or exceed SAE and FMVSS108 standards.
Power Products/PDC

Electrical Systems Analyzer
Remy Inc. has developed the Intelli-Check II systems analyzer to measure voltage drop and provide instant on-vehicle performance evaluations of alternator and 12v batteries.

The all-in-one, handheld digital testing unit provides performance data for heavy-duty alternators and batteries as well as measures voltage drop on multiple electrical circuits.

The device is controlled by a microprocessor and allows users to store and retrieve data from up to 200 system tests.

The unit also performs a complete electronic and load-test evaluation of heavy-duty batteries without first recharging the batteries.
Remy Inc.

High-Temperature Alternators
Remy Inc. has introduced a new family of heavy-duty alternators. The three new high-temperature alternators – 28SI, 36SI and 40SI – are engineered and tested to ensure they work in underhood operating environments up to 125

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