Showcase – June 20081

Lite-Check’s Inspector Upgraded
Lite-Check introduced the latest version of its Inspector test and inspection system software, version 8.2. The company describes its Inspector software as the heart of its Inspector 910B products; the latest release brings the ability to read the mileage information contained in trailer ABS control units manufactured by Haldex, Wabco and Bendix.

When operating with software version 8.2, Lite-Check testers are programmed to read cumulative mileage information from the following trailer ABS ECUs that communicate using the PLC standard: all Haldex models, Bendix models EC30 and TABS6, and Wabco model year 2004 and newer.

Phillips i-Box Improves Serviceability
Phillips Industries’ new i-Box trailer nosebox offers improved serviceability and reduced wiring complexity, the company says.

The i-Box, now available for retrofit or OEM installation, will “handle the expanding electronic requirements of today’s trailer,” such as anti-lock brakes, trailer tracking, on-board weighing systems and lighting, according to the company.

William Phillips, director of sales for Phillips, says the company developed the i-Box, short for Information Box, at the request of a major U.S. carrier frustrated by the small working space in standard trailer noseboxes and crammed wires that result in pinching and pull-out. The result is a trailer nosebox that is 35 percent larger than conventional styles and features time- and money-saving improvements, he said.

Among the other features of the i-Box, Phillips says, are:

  • A hinged lid and weatherproof design;
  • Circuit breakers that can be changed in seconds; and
  • The Phillips seven-way QCS Quick Connect Socket for easy replacement.

Additionally, Phillips says, the i-Box houses the company’s Permalogic Trailer Dome Lamp Controller to automatically control trailer dome lamps and has room for flash memory to store things such as trailer schematics and bills of material.

The i-Box can be retrofitted to trailers in 30 minutes or less, Phillips says, and installation schematics are available online at It is compatible with a wide range of trailer models, such as dry vans, refrigerated units and doubles, and nearly all trailer makes.
Phillips Industries

Espar Anti-idling Heating Systems
Anti-idling technology manufacturer Espar Heater Systems has introduced three new products: The Hybernator-On Frame, the Hybernator-In Frame and the Baire Necessity System.

“We’ve taken what our customers have asked us, and we’ve made changes to accommodate that,” said John Bishop, vice president of sales for Espar.

According to Bishop, some of the benefits of these innovative systems are idling reduction, fuel savings (of up to $35 per day), local and regional legislation compliance, and engine and component wear reduction. Anti-idling systems also will help to lower the country’s oil dependence and to get a cleaner environment, Bishop says.

The Hybernator-On Frame system uses the California Air Resources Board-approved Hydronic 5 heater to provide engine-off heat to the cab, the engine and the fuel system; circulates engine coolant; and allows quick starts in the coldest environments.

The Hybernator-In Frame system “is based on the On-Frame system, but enables the installation of the unit between the frame rails without drilling,” says Espar’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications John Dennehy.

Although the third system, the Baire Necessity, also provides engine-off heat to the cab, it does not require the permanent installation of Espar’s CARB-approved Airtronic D2 bunk heater. This window-mounted system can be conveniently transported in the truck or easily moved from one truck to another. Also, “freight terminals can supply them to drivers for temporary no-idle relief,” says Dennehy.

Espar’s heater systems require 12- or 24-volt battery systems and gasoline or diesel as an on-board fuel.
Espar Heater Systems

New Chevron Delo Grease for Severe Service
Chevron’s Delo brand of engine oils, lubricants and coolants has announced the latest member of its product family, Delo Heavy Duty EP. Formulated with Chevron ISOSYN base stocks, Delo Heavy Duty EP greases are designed for heavy- to severe-duty on- and off-highway construction and maintenance vehicles, including tri-axle dump trucks, cement mixers, overweight truck and trailer combinations, logging and heavy machinery haul trucks, as well as a wide variety of off-road applications, including construction, surface and underground mining and agriculture, says the company.

Delo Heavy Duty EP greases are said to display strong water washout and spray-off resistance properties in wet, off-road environments and offer shock load extreme pressure (EP) protection. These properties make the product ideal for use with pins and bushings on dump beds, buckets, loaders, shovels and continuous miners, shaker screens, crushers and conveyors, according to the company.

Two versions of the new grease – Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% EP and Delo Heavy Duty Moly 5% EP – also are available. These greases will work in a wide range of applications where 3 percent and 5 percent molybdenum content is required to meet OEM warranty specification requirements.
Chevron Products Co.

UV Lamp for Leak Detection
A new ultra-high intensity ultraviolet lamp – the TP-1600P – from Tracer Products is said to make even tiny leaks glow brightly for easy detection, according to the company. The TP-1600P has a 150-watt Built-In-Ballast bulb that helps pinpoint oil, hydraulic, refrigerant, gasoline, diesel fuel and water leaks.

Tracer says the lamp is lightweight, ergonomic and ruggedly constructed to be dent-proof and impact resistant. It has a vinyl-coated, stainless-steel, wraparound caging that helps protect technicians against burns and acts as a lamp stand.

The bulb has a rated life of 5,000 hours and is offered in 120V, 230V, 240V and 100V versions. Tracer said the TP-1600P also is available as a complete kit, which includes the lamp, UV-absorbing glasses, and an 8 oz. spray bottle of dye cleaner packed in a sturdy plastic carrying case.
Tracer Products

Hendrickson Launches Lift Axle
Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle Systems recently unveiled a new lift axle model specifically for Class 8 roll-off vehicles, the Composilite RO. This latest addition to the company’s Composilite family has a 13,500-pound capacity and is a fixed axle model that fits flat to the frame for maximum clearance from cylinder beams, attachments and sliding components. Scalloped hangers aid in the clearance around roll-off cylinders.

Hendrickson says it positioned Composilite RO springs and parallelogram components inside the frame rails, retaining a compact 23.5-inch packing space. Beams are spaced inboard one-inch for additional clearance, and air spring plates mount to the inside of the frame rail. The parallelogram design keeps lift axle beams parallel to ensure proper wheel tracking and help enhance tire life, and lift plates remain parallel to extend air spring life. The stabilizer features a cover to protect the stabilizing rod from dirt and debris throughout travel.

The Composilite RO delivers 13 inches of travel and 10 inches of lift and weighs 905 pounds.
Hendrickson International

Dana Improves Tandem Axle Lineup
The Commercial Vehicle Systems group of Dana Holding Corporation announces improvements to its lineup of 40,000-pound tandem axles by incorporating its OnDemand lube pump into several popular models. According to the company, the OnDemand pump results in operating efficiency improvements by reducing parasitic losses, reducing weight, lowering operating temperatures, extending and improving lubricant performance, and also contributes to reducing overall fuel consumption.

Currently used widely with Dana’s D170 and D190 series tandems, the OnDemand pump now is available with heavy-duty highway tandem axles, vocational tandem axles and torsionally-tuned and high-performance single-speed, tandem drive axles. The current model numbers include: DS404(P), DS405(P), DST40(P), DST41(P), DSH40(P), and DSH44(P).

Dana says all existing approved applications will remain in effect, as will the company’s five-year/750,000-mile warranty coverage with approved lubricants and seals.

“Our lubrication system is unique in that it operates precisely when needed, only during a spinout situation. More than 99 percent of the time, the pump avoids engagement during normal vehicle operation,” says Steve Slesinski, director – global product planning for Dana.
Dana Corporation

Delco Remy Revamps Alternator
Delco Remy introduced its new 24SI HP alternator, replacing the company’s popular ‘310 model. The 24SI HP is a brush-style alternator with a dual internal fan design that provides greater air circulation over the component’s electronics, allowing it to run at lower temperatures which improves the operating efficiency and durability of the unit, the company said.

The 24SI HP alternator, according to Delco Remy, has been designed to handle the heavier electrical loads common on today’s trucks and school busses. It produces 160 amps of output at road speeds and 100 amps at low engine idle speeds. Delco Remy said the improved design equates to fuel savings.
Delco Remy

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