Showcase – August 2008

New Line of LED Flashlights
Klein Tools introduced a new line of 10 flashlights using LED illumination that range from a penlight model to a model with a retractable stand. The company says the flashlights (Cat No. X3, X5, X7, X9, X11, X19, X21, X35, X44 and X79) are made from nearly indestructible polymers for years of service.
Klein Tools

Brushless 36SI Alternator
Delco Remy’s 36SI alternator transfers electrical current between the rotor and stator air-gap, eliminating the need for brushes and resulting in fewer moving parts and less wear items.

The company says most models of the alternator also have Remote Sense, which includes a second wire that reads the actual voltage at the battery that’s coming from the alternator. It signals the alternator to boost its output to compensate for voltage drop.

Delco Remy offers three different mounting configurations for its 36SI – a J180 hinge mount, a J180 quad mount and a pad mount. The alternator is designed to handle higher under-hood temperatures through its airflow vents and enhanced field coil design.
Delco Remy

Fuel Efficiency Additive
Dipetane Fuel Technology announced results of an SAE J1321 / TMC Type II Fuel Consumption Test that shows “significant and repeatable” improvements in fuel economy, horsepower and engine life. The test was conducted by Claude Travis & Associates, a top independent SAE testing firm.

According to Robert Pond, president of Dipetane USA, “Dipetane Fuel Technology was shown conclusively to improve burn efficiency of petroleum fuels, with resultant improvement in fuel economy, horsepower, exhaust emission, elimination of carbon deposits and engine life. When added to the fuel of a fleet of diesel trucks, they all benefit to varying degrees, depending on the age of the engine and other criteria.”

The company said Dipetane Fuel Technology was tested on three 2004 Cummins ISX engines, and resulted in a 3 percent average fuel economy gain and 13 horsepower increase. Blow-by was reduced by 32 percent. According to Pond the product works even better on older engines.
Dipetane USA

VIN Decoder
Gates Corporation said its new VIN Decoder will save technicians time and energy by eliminating the need to search through parts catalogs. The company said technicians enter the 17-digit VIN (vehicle identification number) into the web-based application to retrieve vehicle make, model, year, engine type and a list of all the parts associatd with the vehicle that Gates sells.

According to Gates, the VIN program is the largest database in the industry and is constantly expanding every day.
Gates Corporation

DM Advantage Fan Drives
Horton, Inc. introduced the new DM Advantage Fan Drives to meet the current and future industry demands for reliable engine cooling, fuel savings and noise reduction. Offered in on/off and two-speed technologies, DM Advantage is engineered for the highest-heat under-hood applications, says Horton.

The fan drives are comprised of premium bearings, a superior air cartridge and a long-lasting friction liner, says the company. The improvements in cooling ability yield better engine performance and longer operating life. The spring-engaged on/off fan drive keeps engine coolant at a more consistent operating temperature and is said to have increased reliability in high-horsepower applications. It features high torque for turning larger fans, a lighter weight, low parts count for simplicity and a fail-safe design.

The two-speed fan drive alternates between eddy current and spring-actuated cooling for precise, efficient temperature control and faster engine warm-ups in cold weather, says the company. It is designed for vehicles with little or no ram air. While using eddy current, it turns the fan at a lower speed, which reduces operating noise, increases available horsepower for auxiliary systems and minimizes radiator abrasion from dust and debris. When additional cooling is needed, it spring-actuates and runs the fan at full input speed.
Horton, Inc.

Lite-Check Eliminates Diagnostic Need
Lite-Check says its 720 Pro-Check eliminates the need for trailer electrical circuit diagnostics. The device automatically displays the circuit with voltage, amperage and circuit conditions (good, open, short, open ground, chassis ground). According to the company, the fault alarm shuts off whenever the fault is corrected. A full function remote control is optional.

PDC Launches New Retail Packaged Lights
Parts Distributing Company (PDC) has launched its New Retail Packaged Lights Line under their Power Products brand.

The New Packaged Lights represents the company’s top selling parts numbers. The company believes the new look packaging will save its customers’ counter staff time that they would have otherwise spent going to retrieve the lights from inventory.

In addition to the new launch, customers can receive the new full-color Lights & Accessories Supplemental Catalog featuring PDC’s LED and Incandescent Lighting P/N LT1008SUP.
Parts Distributing Company

Trailer System Tester
Innovative Products of America says its Mobile Universal Trailer Tester (MUTT) allows users to troubleshoot and repair trailer electrical systems and perform leak-down tests on trailer air brakes quickly. The tester – which is equipped with rugged, mobile 10-inch pneumatic tires – is engineered for use on all North American trailers, according to the company; a wireless remote operates lights and air brakes up to 100 feet away.

Two MUTT models are available: the 7900A Lighting Tester, available with the 7900APX add-on air-brake testing kit; and the 7900AP Lighting and Air Brake Tester, which includes air brake hoses and a remote control.
Innovative Products of America

Firestone Introduces On-/Off-highway Tire
Firestone says its new FD835 On-/Off-highway drive tire provides superior traction and exceptional removal mileage in severe-service applications, such as logging, construction, mining, refuse and oil field.

The FD835 has an aggressive block tread pattern with angled sipes positioned in each block designed to cut through rain for improved wet-surface handling. Additionally, the company says, an extra-deep open shoulder design provides outstanding traction on soft surfaces, including mud and snow. The new tire has four steel belts and an all-steel casing so it can be retreaded for any axle position. Split-belt construction helps the casing resist cuts and punctures by enveloping debris, which reduces belt damage for longer tire life and enhanced retreadability.

The FD835 is available in the 11R24.5 size with an “H” load rating, and is usable to 65 mph.
Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire

Portable Refrigerant Leak Detector
Tracer Products’ new TP-9360 PRO-Alert is a portable refrigerant leak detector that uses heated-diode sensor technology to detect refrigerant leaks down to .03 oz/per year. Tracer says the PRO-Alert has dual-sensitivity controls – a high-sensitivity setting when checking the general leak area, and a low-sensitivity setting to detect the exact leak site.
Tracer says the cordless, compact detector is self-calibrating to neutralize background contamination, sensitive to both R-12 and R-134a refrigerants and certified to meet SAE J1627.
Tracer Products

Warehouse Vacuum Lifter
Anver Corporation introduced its VFP-57 Side Grip Vacuum Lifter with an extended handle and adjustable suction pads that is designed to pick up and stack large items, handling them from the side rather than the top. The company says the VFP-57 is ideal for warehouse use when manipulating items such as tanks, vessels and containers that can not be lifted from the top.

Anver says the VFP-57 is available in capacities up to 2500 pounds and can be equipped with air or electric vacuum pumps and a wide range of vacuum suction pads. Standard features, according to the company, include handlebar controls, vacuum gauges and audio-visual alarms.
Anver Corporation

Improved Primary Wire Packaging
Phillips Industries announced improved, see-through packaging for spools of the company’s primary wire for easier identification. The new packaging covers 12- to 20-gauge primary wire in 11 different colors for use in all 4-, 6- and 7-way connector configurations.

Phillips says the new transparent packaging shows the color-coded concentric jacketing and indicates wire gauge size.
Phillips Industries

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