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Shock Brochure
ArvinMeritor has released a Gabriel shocks product line brochure, SP-0848. It highlights the company’s message as the leader in commercial vehicle original equipment shocks. According to the company, you will find the same quality in Gabriel aftermarket shocks as those installed on most new commercial vehicles in North America.

The six-page brochure covers features and benefits of Fleetline, GasSLX, Fleetline cab shocks and Ultra light truck shocks. The brochure can be downloaded at
ArvinMeritor, Inc.

Guide To Full Range of Bower Bearings
This comprehensive catalog is a convenient guide to the entire Bower product range and is said to cover all possible bearing needs of the heavy-duty trucking industry. It’s divided in two main sections:

  • Tapered Roller Bearings – for wheel (truck and trailer), transmission, differential and engine applications; and
  • Cylindrical Roller Bearings – both ISO and US industry series for use in transmission and differential applications.


The Basics Of Electricity & Vehicle Lighting
Grote Know-How, Volume One is a self-study guide covering the basics of vehicle electricity and lighting. It is a programmed instruction-style self-study guide that covers all the essentials, including: basics of electricity, vehicle wiring and lighting; choosing lighting devices; proper connection technique; and understanding the Grote system.

It also includes a mail-in certification test. According to the company, it is designed for distributor counterpeople and salespeople. It also is available on the Internet.

Replacement Filter Guide
Donaldson’s new replacement filter guide covers a wide range of filter types and applications. With more than 8,000 individual items, the Donaldson selection of replacement lube, fuel, coolant, hydraulic and exhaust products offers a broad range of engine protection choices.

The guide lists filter type, primary application, part number and Donaldson replacement part number.

Air filters include the company’s Endurance air filters with their “twice the life” guarantee.

Manufacturer Specific Catalogs
MAHLE Clevite has released two more of its manufacturer specific catalogs. The two new catalogs address all the aftermarket parts in the MAHLE Clevite line for Detroit-Mercedes (Catalog # EP-30DD-08) and Navistar (Catalog # EP-30NV-08).

This includes cylinder components, bearings, gaskets, rings, valve train, cams, crankshafts and more. The catalogs also include information on all available engine kits.
The catalogs can be viewed or downloaded at
MAHLE Clevite

Alignment Brochure
BeeLine has introduced a catalog highlighting its heavy-duty wheel alignment equipment. This full-color brochure features the company’s LC7000 series laser-guided computer alignment gauging system, the 21000 rear axle aligner and the Smart Balancer.

Also highlighted are the on-the-floor alignment configurations and the mobile alignment system, as well as alignment accessories.

Action photos show how each product is used, and detailed information accompanies each.

Reman Brochure
Haldex has released a brochure on its line of remanufactured products. Remanufactured products include starters, alternators, solenoids and parallel switches for all applications. Every part is factory remanufactured to meet or exceed new performance levels.

Drawings of a reman starter and alternator are used to illustrate what is done to each part of the component.

The brochure also explains the measures the company takes to ensure the quality of the reman products, including being ISO 19001-2000 and 14001-2004 registered.

Lightweight Brake Drum
Webb Wheel has introduced the Vortex lightweight brake drum. A flyer describes the patent-pending design that reduces weight without sacrificing strength and durability. According to Webb, the brake’s advanced technology external fins conduct heat away from the brake surface for superior heat dissipation. A center band and ribs reinforce the braking surface using gray iron metallurgy Drawings show the results of the FMVSS 121 Brake Recovery Test, Peak Performance Test and the Brake Power Test.
Webb Wheel

Replacement Parts Catalog
A catalog of replacement parts for Cummins KT/KTA/KTTA engines now is available from Interstate-McBee.

The catalog lists replacement parts for accessory drives, cam followers, camshafts, cooling systems, crankshafts and seals, cylinder head components, cylinder liners, cylinder parts, engine bearings, fuel injector reference by CPL, fuel systems, gasket sets, gasket listing, lubrication systems, piston reference by CPL, rocker assemblies and turbochargers.

Transmission Components Catalog
The heavy-duty division of Midwest Truck & Auto Parts, Inc., World American, has introduced a new catalog, Heavy Duty Differential and Manual Transmission Components. It contains more than 300 pages of differential and manual transmission parts for the heavy-duty aftermarket.

Filled with illustrations and product descriptions, this catalog proves to be a must-have for distributors, the company says. Access and free download of this catalog can be found at the company’s web site,
World American Parts

Charge Air Cooler Catalog
Aviation Technology for the Trucking Industry, a brochure from Av-Tekk, is available. It features charge air cooler problems and solutions. Highlighted problems include cracked header plates, cracks in the air tubes and a weakened core structure.

Solutions include strengthened header plates, leak-proof air tube seams and an I-beam reinforced structure. Magnified pictures show an up-close view of what these problems do to the charge air cooler as well as what the solutions provide.

Drums, Rotors and Trailer Hubs Catalog
A new product catalog, Drums, Rotors and Trailer Hubs, now is available from ArvinMeritor, Inc.

The new catalog covers the most popular drums, rotors and trailer hub assemblies offered by the company. The front section offers detailed information about identifying brake drums and diagnosing common problems that lead to the failure of brake drums. It also includes information to support Preset by ArvinMeritor trailer hubs and associated service kits.

Preset by ArvinMeritor hubs are available for TN/TQ and TP trailer axles.
ArvinMeritor, Inc.

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