This month’s Pressure Systems International (PSI) Commercial Tire Fleet Digest addresses common questions posed by fleets regarding regular tire maintenance.

In it, PSI answers questions regarding how often tires should be checked, what to look for during inspections, optimal pressure depending on duty cycle, recommended pull points for steer tires, and more.

The article also poses several reasons for why tires lose air.

“Tires are like balloons, just sitting they will lose anywhere between 1-3 psi per month through osmosis,” says PSI. “Tires that are produced with innerliner compounds that trap air inside the casing are the best for keeping tires inflated. Tires also lose air from leaking valve cores. Over and under tightening a valve core will lead to air leaks. Valve cores should be torqued to 4 in.-lb., using a proper valve core torque tool. These tools are readily available in the industry and are typically inexpensive.

“The leading cause of pressure leaks are tread punctures in the tread area. A common #20 penny nail puncture will create a loss of several psi per day. The result would be a serious inflation issue in just a few days.”

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