Exide Technologies launches line of industrial chargers

Updated May 17, 2019

Fury X 3 ChargerExide Technologies has announced the immediate availability of a new line of chargers for industrial battery fleet applications that provides opportunity and fast charging while minimizing infrastructure costs, service downtime and carbon footprint.

“Companies with material handling needs are looking for ways to do things faster, better and via methods that are smarter for their business and the environment,” says Ted Becker, executive vice president and president, Exide Americas. “Our Fury X-3 charger is an efficient, compact and powerful charger that costs less to own and is easy to maintain, helping our customers increase operational uptime and stay powered to perform critical business functions while also protecting their bottom line financial results.”

The Fury X-3 has a 24/36/48V multi-voltage modular design and can charge a range of motive batteries from lead acid (Gel, AGM and Flooded) to Lithium Ion. It uses silicon carbide MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) power technology to provide high-frequency power conversion. The combination of these features, along with proprietary rapid charge profiles, can provide faster recharge times for motive power batteries. The GNB Fury X-3 chargers enable users to add more modules if additional power is needed and also provide critical operations back-up; if one module fails, the others continue to operate.

Customers utilizing the Fury X-3 chargers will benefit from impressive graphics, communication and control capabilities, thanks to the chargers’ powerful microprocessor, the company says. The chargers are programmable with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth via PC or the cloud. This will enable wireless client configuration onsite or from a remote location. This wireless capability also provides users access to charge record data via PC or the cloud.

The Fury X-3 is available now in 6-18 kW format with six bays for charging flooded lead-acid batteries. The next offering, also in six-bay format and with profiles for charging Lithium Ion, VRLA, AGM and Gel batteries, is coming soon. A third edition featuring 21-30 kW with 10 bays will be available in early 2019. Shelf, stand and wall mounting options are also available, according to the company.

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