Bill Wade

Survival Thinking

June 7, 2017

Summer is a great time to think beyond the day-to-day hassles of the truck parts and service business, but the subject is not necessarily a comforting one. Please take the time to consider some of these possible potholes. Many distributors reading this (as well as their ...

Envisioning Amazon Aftermarket Effects 2019

May 18, 2017

As May, 2017 reaches its halfway point, CNBC this week noted the 20th anniversary of Amazon (AMZN) going public. Had we invested $10,000 in their IPO, we would enjoy a holding worth well over $5 million today. On this anniversary, AMZN has twice the market cap ...

Avoiding Heavy Duty Groupthink

April 6, 2017

Heavy-duty distribution innovation used to feature a linear trajectory from new knowledge to new product or service, to new profit. Now innovation is neither singular nor linear nor obvious. "The dogma of the past is inadequate in the stormy present ... As our case is new, so must ...