Getting to know our 2017 DOTY finalists: Wofford Truck Parts

If you missed it last week, we have announced our finalists for the 2017 Truck Parts & Service Distributor of the Year award. This year’s finalists include four past finalists and a past winner, as well as one newcomer to the program.

As is the case for the fifth consecutive year, our finalists were selected through an open nomination period by the entire trucking community. We will spend this week briefly checking in with our 2017 finalists. Today we cover Wofford Truck Parts with owner Wesley Wofford. This is Wofford Truck Parts’ first nomination for Distributor of the Year. 

When was your business founded, and by whom?

In 1985, Paul Wofford founded our first store in El Paso, Texas. He would later be joined by his son, Wesley Wofford, to help expand into our two new locations.

How many locations do you have? 

We have three locations in the southwest: El Paso, Texas; Carlsbad, N.M.; and Pecos, Texas.

How many employees do you have?

The three stores combined employ 47 individuals.

What is your company’s value proposition?

Purchasing truck parts can be cumbersome; especially with the constant changes and the continued emergence of new product lines and new suppliers. We at Wofford Truck Parts focus on being the most knowledgeable and up-to-date liaison between the best suppliers in the market and our customers. We commonly offer the same product in several different lines to accommodate our customers’ needs, whether it be pricing or brand. When a customer visits us, they can be rest assured that they will not have to go any further to get the information they seek, and the product they need. Our inventory is the largest in the southwest, and it is also fair to say that we are very well known for offering the best prices.

In addition to parts sales, what other services do you offer?

We began by remanufacturing brake shoes and offering a delivery service to every customer in 50-mile radius. We have mostly moved away from remanufacturing brake shoes, but we now offer: driveline repair; flywheel grinding; suspension bushing repair; custom u-bolts; A/C, hydraulic, and air brake hose assembly; electrical cable manufacturing; battery, alternator, and starter testing; and tool rental. We also rebuild all styles of PTOs and fan clutches.

How do you differentiate your business from your competitors?

Our company underwent its initiation selling strictly engine parts. The idea being that it would be a harbinger for every other parts category on the market. As that came into fruition, we inherently were presented with a diverse and interesting demographic; which we encountered as we spread ourselves out through the southwest of the U.S. and Mexico.

Fortunately, everyone in our staff excelled at adjusting to the changes over the years, both internally and externally. We still, to this day, feel that engine parts are the core of our business. Considering these factors, we can confidently say that we differentiate ourselves by providing an experience to our customers that is strongly rooted on the holistic approach we take on the market, backed by a staff that has some of the most unique experience in our area.

Why do you believe the heavy-duty aftermarket has nominated you for this award?

Considering that this is our first nomination, we can only humbly assume that Wofford Truck Parts was considered for this award because of the sum of the tireless efforts of everyone involved. We have had the pleasure of meeting and maintaining relationships with suppliers, customers and employees for more than 31 years. Participating with buying groups, especially VIPAR Heavy Duty, made this possible.

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