OTC releases jacks and shop tools

Jacks and Jack StandsOTC introduces new stands, jacks and jack packs, all of which meet updated ASME PALD safety standards for lifting equipment and are available now in North America.

The company says its Aluminum Racing Service Jacks help lift vehicles faster and higher, with added features that make them easier to use. The jacks offer two different weight capacities for shop needs:

  • OTC 1546 3-Ton Aluminum Racing Service Jack
    • 55-lb. jack
    • Minimum height 3.6 in. with saddle removed; maximum height 19.2 in.
  • OTC 1532A 2-Ton Aluminum Racing Service Jack
    • 51-lb. jack
    • Minimum height 3.4 in. with saddle removed; maximum height 18-5/8 in.

OTC says side handles on the jacks allow for easy transport and loading for mobile service calls. Quick-lift hydraulic cylinders raise vehicles quickly with fewer pumps. A 4-ft. padded lower handle protects rocker and door panels and provides maximum leverage to lift vehicles, while a rubber saddle protects the vehicle’s undercarriage and prevents slipping. The rubber saddle can be removed for an even lower profile to get under road-hugging vehicles. The jacks meet new PASE standards.

Additionally, OTC says its Aluminum Jack Stands offer an adjustable, broad range of holding heights with two different load capacities available:

  • OTC 1596 3-Ton Aluminum Jack Stands
    • Minimum height 9.5 in.; maximum holding height 15.6 in.
  • OTC 1582A 2-Ton Aluminum Jack Stands
    • Minimum height 9.5 in.; maximum holding height 15.16 in.

Both are equipped with six different holding positions and a flat, round base, the jack stands stay steady and do not dig into soft surfaces like asphalt. A 7-in. base and 2-in. saddle securely holds a vehicle’s frame or undercarriage to offer firm support during repair. The stands meet new ANSI/PASE standards.

Finally, OTC says its Aluminum Jack Packs provide shops and technicians with a ready-to-go package, an all-in-one solution in two different capacities:

  • OTC 1547 3-Ton Aluminum Jack Pack
    • Includes the OTC 1546 Service Jack and OTC 1596 Jack Stands
  • OTC 1533A 2-Ton Aluminum Jack Pack
    • Includes the OTC 1532A Service Jack and OTC 1582A Jack Stands
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