HDDA introduces resource center for product data standards project

Updated Jul 25, 2018

HDDA: Heavy Duty introduces a new web resource center dedicated to the progress of the development of heavy-duty product data standards. Included on the website are updates and highlights of the project status, downloadable information on product data standards, a calendar of product category data collection and a volunteer form to participate in the standards creation, HDDA says.

“The heavy duty data standards resource center is the only true source for information on the HDDA-owned project,” says Sheila Andrews, director, Heavy Duty Programs and liaison for HDDA. “The expansion of product standards to accommodate the heavy vehicle marketplace is an industry-shifting mechanism for increased efficiency in the supply chain. Simply put, product data standards get you the right part, at the right place, at the right time.”

HDDA says the resource center will serve as an integral part of the standards project, which will include the standardization of product information communication across more than 8,200 key components for 150 heavy-duty vehicle systems. This type of standardization will result in accurate part data for a more accurate product selection, lower return rates and increased customer service — all while maintaining manufacturer ownership of their product data.

Included in the resource center is the schedule of data collection for the top 20 parts categories in the heavy-duty aftermarket, HDDA says. Manufacturers offering products in each of those categories can now have a clear picture of when their participation is needed in the data collection process. While an extensive set of manufacturers and suppliers have already volunteered to participate, more are urged to join the project.

“The more companies participating in this project means a more robust standard at the time of product release,” says Andrews. “When the industry adopts the standard, each organization within a category has the opportunity to volunteer to ensure the standard is accurate in how their parts information should be available throughout the supply chain.”

In addition to providing information on the standardization project, HDDA adds the resource center offers a quick and easy way for manufacturers and suppliers to become subject matter expert volunteers. Those interested can click on the “Volunteer Now” button on the page to participate.

Over the course of the next 16 months, HDDA says it will rely on the cooperation of manufacturers and suppliers in order to collect the necessary product description data, which will ultimately be populated in a standardized product file. Those files can then be distributed to all customers in one format, rather than the countless formats currently being used across the industry, the organization says.

For more information, please contact Sheila Andrews at sheila.andrews@hdda.org, or visit standards.hdda.org.

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