Stertil-Koni report uncovers lift safety, maintenance tips

According to a recent industry overview conducted by Stertil-Koni, a broad range of vehicle maintenance facilities across North America are increasingly mandating new engineering approaches to their in-ground vehicle lifting systems that more fully address safety, structural and long-term maintenance concerns experienced with traditional in-ground lifting systems.

“Safety, performance and durability are always among the most important drivers in terms of how municipal garages and large private maintenance shops select their lifting equipment,” says Peter Bowers, technical sales manager for Stertil-Koni.


“More specifically, when these customers make large capital expenditures for new or retrofitted facilities, beyond lift performance, they want to make certain that the new designs employed minimize corrosion problems associated with lift floor frames, reduce maintenance costs, and, that the new lift pit covering systems are flush and load-bearing — thereby reducing potential hazards to the lift operator on the shop floor.”

Historically, some traditional in-ground lift floor frames corroded over time, at which point the corrosion expanded and literally pushed the floor frame out of the concrete vault (which houses the lifting system).

“In those circumstances, the lift could become unsafe and unusable,” Bowers says.

Stertil-Koni has addressed these pressing market requirements with its recently introduced Diamond Lift, a heavy duty in-ground telescopic piston lift that is rapidly becoming the go-to choice across North America.

According to Stertil-Koni, the Diamond Lift delivers an enhanced engineering concept to the heavy duty in-ground lifting arena.

Among the engineering innovations it delivers are the following:

  • The upper portion of the Diamond Lift containment is hot-dipped galvanized, which provides corrosion resistance at floor level and ensures proper interlock with the foundation.
  • The containments are coated internally and externally with DiamondGuard, which protects the containments against corrosion and electrolysis.
  • The Diamond Lift features flush-to-the-floor high load-bearing anodized aluminum trench covers with a skid-resistant surface utilizing a continuous hinge with no moveable parts. These covers are driven hydraulically with an inverted rack and pinion system, sliding on a corrosion-resistant, self-cleaning surface. What’s more, these covers are capable of handling a wheel load of 13,500 lbs. as well as a point load of 7,500 lbs. on a four-inch square contact area.
  • The Diamond Lift utilizes an industry-changing mechanical locking system that includes a hardened, nitro-carburized locking rod for superior resistance to corrosion and wear.
  • All power units and control components are located in an above-ground console for easy access, maintenance and service.

“In sum, it’s a new era for heavy duty in-ground piston lifts – one in which safety, performance and durability are all raised to new levels,” says Bowers.

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