Eco Flaps offers aerodynamic splash guards for tanker trucks

Updated May 16, 2019

Eco Flaps LogoEco Flaps announced it has recently completed an evaluation with Exa Corporation on the use of its aerodynamic splash guards on tanker trucks to illustrate the product’s fuel savings

“Historically, tankers have had limited options when it comes to aerodynamic devices,” says Bren Marshell, Eco Flaps vice president of sales. “Our recent testing with Exa Corporation proves that Eco Flaps is a viable option for this segment of the trucking industry.”

In April 2018, Eco Flaps hired Exa Corporation to perform an aerodynamics and fuel economy analysis through computational fluid dynamics simulations (CFD). The analysis simulated four different configurations in order to understand how the Eco Flaps splash guards performed when installed on a day cab tractor and tanker trailer. The different configurations included: a baseline with conventional mud flaps on the tractor, tanker trailer and fender; Eco Flaps splash guards on the tractor, trailer and fender; Eco Flaps installed on the traitor and trailer, but conventional mud flaps on the fender; and an equipment setup with no flaps used.

The results showed a 2 percent improvement in drag at highway speeds when Eco Flaps were on the tractor and trailer, but conventional mud flaps remained on the fender. The use of Eco Flaps on the tractor, trailer and fenders indicated a 2.8 percent improvement in drag. The total fuel savings from the full swap out is estimated at 1.4 percent, the company says.

“This analysis from Exa Corporations shows that utilizing Eco Flaps on all sections of the tanker truck provides drivers with the greatest fuel savings,” says Marshell. “At these numbers, drivers can achieve ROI within just three months.”

In addition to fuel savings and reduced maintenance, the use of Eco Flaps greatly reduce splash and spray from inclement weather and increase safety on the road. Fleets can purchase Eco Flaps from all major truck and trailer manufacturers through Eco Flaps’ distribution network. Eco Flaps are available in multiple sizes, ranging from 18 in. x 24 in. to 24 in. x 36 in., to meet each truck’s dimensions and are backed by a full two-year warranty. They also are available in custom colors with custom graphics.

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